ARC Review: Against Civility by Alex Zamalin

The idea and practice of civility has always been wielded to silence dissent, repress political participation, and justify violence upon people of color. Although many progressives today are told that we need to be more polite and thoughtful, less rancorous and angry, when we talk about race in America, civility maintains rather than disrupts racial injustice. Spanning... Continue Reading →

ARC Review: Ritu Weds Chandni by Ameya Narvankar

Little Ayesha is all excited for her favorite cousin Ritu's wedding. She can't wait to dance in the baraat ceremony! But not everyone is happy that Ritu is marrying her girlfriend Chandni. Some have even vowed to stop the celebrations. Will Ayesha be able to save her cousin's big day? This vibrant book sets the story of... Continue Reading →

The Week Gone By 11/23

Hello everyone !!! How are you all doing? I have finally decided to travel home to India to hunker down there for a while, so I may actually be missing from my blog from mid-December, but I can't say anything about it. However, making this decision finally seemed to have freed me from some anxiety,... Continue Reading →

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