The Week Gone By – 1/17/22

Another week has gone by in 2022 and this was not a bad one. I had fun both reading and binge watching but I had trouble sleeping, so hoping the next will be better. Now let me talk about all the fun things I did. Kal is a comic, so it shows in every sentence... Continue Reading →

ARC Review: Allow Me to Retort by Elie Mystal

According to commentator and lawyer Elie Mystal, Republicans are wrong when they tell you the First Amendment allows religious fundamentalists to discriminate against gay people who like cake. They're wrong when they tell you the Second Amendment protects the right to own a private arsenal. They're wrong when they say the death penalty isn't cruel... Continue Reading →

Favorite Debuts of 2021

I absolutely love reading debuts. I agree that there's a joy in reading books by favorite authors or delving into familiar worlds, but the fascination with getting to experiencing something completely new is hard to resist. And 2021 was a good year because I got to read many such wonderful ones. And I want to... Continue Reading →

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