20 years of Harry Potter

Twenty years ago, I had only started hearing of the phenomenon that is Harry Potter. Even though I was a bookworm, I only read books I was able to buy. And, Harry Potter books were not on the list of affordable ones. So, I just knew of this famous book series and had no idea even of the genre it belonged to. Then released the first movie – I watched it, didn’t understand it completely but enjoyed it enough. This just piqued my curiosity more but it would be much later that I got a chance to read.

Come 2004 and I went off to college. I had these great couple of friends who were bookworms like me and always discussed and dissected the HP books. I was jealous. Here were my friends who loved these books, understood the Potterverse but I couldn’t join them in the discussions because I had never read the books. This jealousy made the decision for me. I found Sorcerer’s stone in the college library and got started. There were hiccups initially because I couldn’t keep track of all the information I was learning. It was just too much and I stopped the book midway. I picked it up again after a few weeks and thus began my magical journey.

Once I got over the initial issues, it was just impossible to stop me. Sorcerer’s stone thrust me into the perfect world of family, friends, love, betrayal and best of all – Magic. I learnt that if you have true friends by your side, you can do and achieve anything. I realized that there is nothing greater than love of family. If you feel you are not good enough, then listen to the folks around who believe in you. Believe in yourself and forge a way forward even when you feel all doors are closed. There is always some form of evil in the world and you should try your best to fight this evil and bring goodness around you. Even if the whole world stands against you in your fight for justice, stand by your convictions and in time, everyone will realize the truth.

In spite of all these lessons learnt, the most distinctive one for me is the value of friendship. I started the books to be a part of my friends’ discussions and I ended up with great relationships with them and also the three from the books. Harry, Hermione, Ron and even Ginny and Luna and Neville – they epitomize goodness, trust, loyalty. They are symbols of true friendship – the kind that we should aspire to be and the ones that we should be lucky to have. And thankfully, I am lucky enough to have many such amazing friends in my life.

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    1. I always wanted to read but then you both gave me that final push. I just had to figure out a way to be part of your discussions and so I had to read.. 😀😀


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