Book Review: The Invisible Library by Genevieve Cogman 

As an avid reader, what can be more fun than reading about books and bookworms like me. That’s what made me interested in taking up this book. The central character of this book is the titular one – The Invisible Library – which is tethered to all the worlds that exist and contains books from all the alternates. Irene is a librarian who gets assigned tasks like finding a book from an alternate and bringing it back to the library. This book is about one such mission and all the hurdles that Irene and her assistant Kai face in a chaos infested alternate London. It’s a simple story with not very well developed characters except Irene. She is smart, intelligent and witty. She is great at thinking on her feet to get out of unforeseen situations like getting attacked by alligators or drowning in the river. But her most endearing quality is her loyalty to the library – her mission always comes first even if she will end up not getting the credit for it. Her thoughts are always concentrated on the safety of the books, the secrets of the Library and the well being of her friends. I liked the book for its fun elements, the adventure and action sequences and the hope for an interesting sequel. However, the thing I connected to most is Irene’s love for books. The feelings she describes when talking about books or the Library are so similar to how I feel when I am in a place surrounded by books. So, there is no way that I don’t love her. All I can do now is wait to read the next book and hope that I will be taken on more bookish adventures.

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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