Book Review: Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde

The second outing of Thursday Next is also quite fun and entertaining in a very crazy way. There are so many new things that we get to know about her world which are fantastical and make for a fascinating read. The plot here is thin and even though Thursday saves the world from Armageddon, it doesn’t feel that way. Its so difficult to keep track of all the wonders of this world but below are a few tidbits which will keep the reader wanting more.

  • Thursday attends a court hearing inside Kafka’s The Trial where the case is about her changing the ending of Jane Eyre. This is handled by Jurisfiction, the group of characters from various books who handle crimes happening inside books.
  • Miss Havisham from Great Expectations becomes Thursday’s mentor to teach her bookjumping and train her to be a part of Jurisfiction. She also loves driving cars in a very death-defying way.
  • If a character, plot line or book are Boojummed, they disappear from all copies of the book.
  • Pagerunners are characters who jump to other books and change their plots because they are bored with their monotonous character life.
  • Prose Resource Operatives from Jurisfiction may die if they go investigating in an adventure book.
  • Grammasites are parasites that feed on grammar. Example is an adjectivore that eats all the adjectives describing a noun until there is no way to describe it.
  • An extreme neocon party leader believes that his 3 MP party can win the next election by making a newly discovered long lost Shakespeare play license free. He almost succeeds until he and the play go missing before the election.

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 

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