Book Review: Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

I had too many high hopes on this book after loving Shadow and Bone. But, I hate to say this but I was disappointed. Not that this book was bad or anything, just that it didn’t live up to my expectations.

This started off well. Alina and Mal are trying to lie low in the Zemeni lands when the Darkling catches up to them. They are taken prisoner onboard a pirate ship. Only after the captain aids them in their escape do they realize that he is none other than the younger Ravkan prince Nikolai. His associates Tolya and Tamar are twins who believe in the saintly myth of the Sun Summoner and come along when all of them travel to Ravka to gain the support of the people against the Darkling. Most of the book happens after the gang reaches Ravka. A lot of the time is spent trying to win the allegiance of the various generals, dukes, the remaining Grisha and the common people. There is not much else happening here until the last chapter. The ending has some great action which ensures that I will obviously read the last book.

Ok.. so I liked Nikolai. He was smart and sassy and had just enough bad boy streak in him to make his character interesting. Alina looked a little more lost in this book but the ending made her all self sacrificing badass again. I still don’t like Mal, probably even less so than before. He is just so much more possessive, insecure and sometimes a total downer. He just brings out the sadness and lack of confidence in Alina which I hate. I want really less of him in the next book but its obvious my wish is not gonna come true. But what I hope does happen is to see more of the Darkling. I really missed him in this book. He was hardly there but that’s when the action happens. So, I really need more of him even though he’s gone full on evil now. Ruin and Rising…. Here I come… You better be good!!!

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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  1. I feel the same way about Mal! I really like all their friends, and the Darkling is my favourite so here, the main characters are the bland ones while the side characters are the ones who shine through. Ruin and Rising definitely has more Darkling, so you’ll like that better I’m sure 😉

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