Top Ten Books I am Thankful for!!

Hello everyone!!! This is my first time doing a list for Top 10 Tuesday which is a blog theme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Do check out their page for more themes each week….

I am not even sure what books to add to this list but let me just give it a try….


Mahabharata. For introducing me to Indian mythology and spirituality. For teaching me everything I need to know about living a life of Dharma. I have read so many versions of this classic by many many authors but I always learn something new.


Sherlock Holmes for making me love books. I don’t know if I would have ever become such an avid reader if not for The Hound of the Baskervilles. He is always going to be the most intelligent smartest literary hero ever.


Harry Potter may be a cliche answer but I have much to be thankful for this series. Once I started this, I loved the books and characters but the additional blessing was finding new friends who loved them too. Our friendship began with discussing everything HP and developed into so much more that we are all besties even after more than a decade and a half.


Lord of the Rings is the series that defined epic fantasy for me. The series that started my love for all things fantastical. I can’t imagine what my reading life would have been like if I had never picked up this series.


Hunger Games introduced me to the YA dystopian genre. I didn’t even know such a genre existed but this was such an explosive introduction. I don’t know if I have ever read another book that has matched the awesomeness of the first book of this series.


Pride and Prejudice for giving me Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. The quintessential romantic couple. The book that defined love for me. Need I say anything more!!!


Seven Ancient Wonders for introducing to me to a whole new world of books full of action and adventure and history and so so much more.


Six of Crows for showing the beauty of diversity in a fantasy book without being in your face about it. It’s just so natural and beautiful and I am love with everyone in this world. Also for giving us morally gray characters with emotional backstories whom we can root for. Leigh is QUEEN 👸👸👸


A Court of Mist and Fury for introducing me to Rhys. No single character has affected me so much in the recent years. His relationship with Feyre and also his friends is just goals 😍😍😍


The Divide for making me more aware of the divisions in society that affect us so much but we don’t even know they exist. It was an eye opener and I hope everyone reads this gem to realize that the world we live in is not always fair to the people who need it most.

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  1. WOW I’ve never heard someone say p&p defined love for them! that’s truly amazing ❤ i think if any book defines love for me, it's wuthering heights. they just loved one another so unconditionally and that was so special for me 🙂 true soulmates!

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    1. Wuthering heights was good too… But I experienced Jane Austen first and I loved P&P so much and have read it countless times…!!! Well I was high school the first time I read it, so it just had a lot of impact…

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    1. U should read The Divide if u like non fiction… it’s about the aftermath of the 2008 recession and it’s an excellent commentary… ACOTAR series obviously u know about… I am sure u ll have fun with it…

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