Top Five Wednesday: Characters on the Naughty List

Click here to know more about the Top 5 Wednesday theme hosted by Sam and Lainey. This week’s topic is Characters on the Naughty List and I have decided to list down the villains or characters that I hate. I’ll also try to limit the list (mostly) to the books I read this year.

5. Komizar from the Remnant Chronicles

He is a sadistic, manipulative villain whose lust for power is all consuming and has no concern for his own people. The fact that he is ready to use children on the frontlines to win his war and throne makes him so despicable and I absolutely hate him.

4. Jan Van Eck from Crooked Kingdom

I hate him because he is the cause for all the troubles the gang go through. But I truly hate him for abusing sweet adorable Wylan his whole life. How could he???

3. Amarantha from ACOTAR

She did numerous disgusting things but her torture of Feyre and abuse of Rhys top the list for me and I absolutely hate her far more than even the King of Hybern.

2. Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter

She revels in torturing children. She enjoys it. And I hate her. I don’t think I need anymore reasons.

1. Maeve from Throne of Glass

I never liked her when we first met her in HoF but after what she did in EoS and learning about her history with the cadre, I just want to kill her myself. She deserves the most torturous prolonged death that Rowan can give her.

7 thoughts on “Top Five Wednesday: Characters on the Naughty List

Add yours

  1. Oh god yes Maeve can burn in the deepest pits of Tartarus. I hope Alein actually burns her in the next book kthx best ending possible.
    Lovely list I would love to see all these characters die horrifically…some of them are already dead even which is lovely ❤. I love to hate some villains.

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    1. Ohh yes Maeve deserves to burn… I wish Aelin and the whole cadre gets to kill her.. Seeing her die will be the most satisfying moment of ToG7… There r some villains who v love but these r definitely ones who I hate with all my heart..

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