Book Review: The Law of Tall Girls by Joanne Macgregor


Seventeen-year-old Peyton Lane is a tall girl. So tall, it’s the only thing most people notice about her.

On impulse, she accepts a bet to prove she can be as attractive and desirable as other girls. Now she just needs to go on four dates (including the prom) with one of the guys on her very short list of very tall boys.

Number one on the list is Jay Young – the new guy that Peyton already likes way more than she should. Because not only is Jay already taken, he’s also breaking her Law of Tall Girls, and he’s determined to discover the awful secret she’s been hiding for most of her life.


This book was so enjoyable and funny and relatable and made me reflect on my own high school and college experiences. Unlike Peyton, I wasn’t name called or bullied for being tall or had issues dating (coz you know…. you didn’t “date” in high school in South India in the early 2000s), but I could find similarities with so many of her struggles – hitting the seat in front of you in the bus with your knees coz your legs are too long, not finding the right fitting clothes or size 12 shoes in the women’s section, feeling guilty for blocking the view of others behind me…. and always peeved that none of my secret crushes were ever taller than me. So, it was great to read about an MC who reminded me a little about myself.

Peyton is a pretty amazing talented girl but is not confident enough to express herself and the secrets of her dysfunctional family have left her unable to trust anyone or show her vulnerabilities. Jay is a great looking tall guy who doesn’t play sports and wants to be an actor and can dance very well – I was really impressed with this characterization because it is so different from the usual macho jock stereotype. It also helps that he is a nice, kind, trustworthy guy who is also very charming and really brings Peyton out of her shell. I loved her character growth and the way she comes into her own is amazing to see. The whole dynamic of the team in the drama club was very entertaining and I enjoyed their rehearsals for the modern day adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. But my favorite character was definitely Peyton’s best friend Chloe, who is absolutely confident, sassy and takes no bullshit when it comes to her friend. She really reminded me of my childhood best friend and now I really miss her 😭😭😭

Overall, this is a fun entertaining read with very easy flowing writing and lovable characters but I definitely reveled in the nostalgic feelings it evoked in me.

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️

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