Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite M/M couples

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Its the month to celebrate love, so let me start by listing down some of my favorite M/M relationships !!!

Ronan and Adam are close friends first before they acknowledge their feelings for each other and I really liked reading about the progression of their relationship in Blue Lily, Lily Blue.

Innon and Alabaster are part of a polyamorous relationship but I still love their part of it. The three of them love and care for each other so much that the ending of The Fifth Season really broke my heart 😭😭😭

The relationship between Mark and Kieran is so full of angst that I just can’t….!!!! I can feel their love for each other through the pages and all I want is for them to be together.

I have to admit, I don’t really remember much about Magnus and Alec from TMI coz I read the books a long time ago. But I am definitely in love with their couple after watching Shadowhunters. They are just too amazing 😊😊😊

And my favorite couple… the most cute adorable love story ever …. Jesper and Wylan… Their interactions, Jesper’s flirting, Wylan’s blushing, their immense love and support for each other – I just love everything about this couple. I wouldn’t mind reading a book just about their life together πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ Do you hear me Leigh!!!

What do you guys think??? Who are your favorite M/M couples?? I would love recommendations for books with more such awesome love stories…. !!!

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  1. Ah, I absolutely love Pynch! I knew they were getting together before I first read the series, and it honestly made it so much sweeter. THEY ARE SUCH DORKS. Mark and Kieran are also my faves; I don’t ship Mark and Cristina at all, but I feel like the only one. XD Ty and Kit are also absolute cuties and one of the only reasons I keep reading the trilogy. Malec was the first M/M couple I ever shipped, so that feels so nostalgic! I LOVE JESPER AND WYLAN. You think I would actually read Crooked Kingdom to get more of them…but I still haven’t. GAH.

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    1. First.. you have to read Crooked Kingdom… like NOWWWW… they are even more adorable in it… I don’t remember Malec at all from the books but the TV show made me crazy for them.. I actually like all 3 among Mark, Kieran n Christina but I probably am a little biased towards Mark n Kieran.. Kit n Ty are too cute, I agree but I din really ship them while reading… but I’m totally looking forward to the next book… I had no idea about the Raven cycle before I started and overall din enjoy it a lot, but the friendships n relationships are totally amazing 😊😊😊

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      1. I feel you on this! Actually I didn’t like them so much the first time around (especially the first), but I reread them after Blue Lily to see how Adam & Ronan’s relationship was foreshadowed and it really made the difference for me.

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      1. Yeah, but there haven’t been a lot of polyamorous relationships with two men (well, or any polyamorous relationships at all)…maybe I’ll check it out after all

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