Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite OTPs


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On the eve of Valentines Day, it’s time to list down my favorite couples from my favorite books!!!!! This has been a daunting task, trying to limit this list to just ten, especially because I have the tendency to fall in love with all my characters and can never choose between them. This list is no way extensive but just that these couples have lingered in my mind for a long time after finishing the books. Let’s get on with it then….

10. Monty and Percy


I know.. I know… I just read this book a couple of days ago.. But what can I say, Monty and Percy have such a great friendship, understanding and love for each other despite the societal obstacles, that I just can’t forget about them. They are just too adorable.

9. Sydney and Ridge

maybe someday

This book made me an emotional wreck for days after. I love their pair because they are so perfect for each other, there is so much honesty and understanding in their relationship. I loved that they talked to each other so openly about their emotions and feelings, which is so rare. This is definitely one of my most favorite couples ever in contemporary romances.

8. Lia and Rafe


This trilogy has so much going for it – amazing writing, very intricate world building and history, awesome characters – but at the center of it all are my absolutely wonderful MCs Lia and Rafe. They are so good and kind and compassionate and love each other so much, but still sacrifice their love for the sake of their kingdoms’ well being. I just bauled my heart out in the finale because I couldn’t bear to see them separated.

7. Shazi and Khalid


The couple that made me want to read romances again. This duology is totally about their all consuming and passionate love story. Just beautiful..!!!!!

6. Jesper and Wylan


Well… what to say… They are one of the cutest, most adorable couples ever. Jesper flirts, Wylan blushes. They understand and support each other and help overcome their own fears and failings. This is one couple that just made me so very happy while reading about them.

5. Tessa, Will and Jem


I can’t really be expected to choose one pair here. All three of them are amazing, their love for each other is beautiful and I will always be thankful to Cassie for writing this wonderful love triangle.

4. Damon and Elena


I couldn’t really restrict my list to books because I absolutely adore this pair. Stefan and Elena made a great pair too, but there was always some spark between her and Damon and I squealed with excitement when they finally got together. Ofcourse, it helped that Ian and Nina had great chemistry 😉

3. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy


My favorite classic love story. I mean… who doesn’t love them…!!!!!

2. Kaz and Inej


This is probably the slowest of the slow burn relationships I have ever read, but what can I say.. they are just awesome. She is the light in his life, he is the only one who understands her darkest parts. There is so much tension and angst and a lot that they need to overcome before they can really be together, but it was amazing to see them try. I just wish I could read about them more.

My All Time Fav:

Aelin/Rowan and Rhys/Feyre


It’s a crime to make me choose between these couples. I just love them so much…!!!!! They overcome so much pain and darkness to find each other and it’s just beautiful to read about their relationships. But I am probably a little biased towards Rowaelin because there is so much stacked against them and I just hope they are united soon. Feysand already have their HEA, so all I can hope is that October will bring joy in the life of my other favorite couple too… 🙂

Special Mention:


Obviously these are not canon, just my wishful fantasy… but I don’t care. All I still wish for is Alina had ended up with either the Darkling or Nikolai. They would have made such badass power couples!!!!!


What do you all think? Do you all agree with my choices? Who are some of your favorite couples?

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  1. Great choices Sahi…I love them all though I haven’t read The remnant Chronicles and you’re making me want to read them.Also I’ve been wanting to read Gentleman’s Guide since forever but still can’t get to it… 🙂 Ahhhh!!!! Kaz and Inej and Jesper and Wylan… *Dreamy sigh*

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    1. Thank you so much Lili…. Kaz and Inej are really *dreamy sigh*… Jesper and Wylan just make me giddy with happiness…. Gentleman’s Guide is real fun… there is quite a lot of angst but lot of great friendship too…. I just totally fell in love with Remnant chronicles… it has a very slow progression but I enjoyed it and made me very emotional… I hope u like it too if u decide to pick it up.. 😊😊😊

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  2. *actually cries* monty and perc are my life. AND YES TO ELENA AND DAMON!!! Damon loves her no matter what, vampire or human, and he makes her feel alive???? I never understand the stefan/elena shippers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha… I mean I could understand Elena and Stefan in the beginning but probably around end of the first season, I knew Damon was perfect for her and just couldn’t wait for them to get together 😊😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

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