Book Review: The Deal by Elle Kennedy

I have read quite a few New Adult novels in the recent times but this is probably the first one I had so much fun reading. I laughed a lot and felt so very entertained and happy.

Hannah is a rape survivor and she is a strong, passionate woman who has spent years dealing with the trauma and now wants to do well in college and pursue her dreams. Garrett may be an arrogant hockey captain vying for the national championship, but he is also intelligent, smart, caring, a little insecure because of his own troubled backstory and is trying his best to get out of a bad situation and work hard for a bright future.

I loved the development of their relationship from being indifferent to friends to lovers. They become such great friends and trust each other with their traumas but never judge or walk away. They support each other through tough situations. At the same time, each of them have a life of their own with great friends and also their own passions and ambitions. I also loved the friendships in this book, there is no jealousy or rivalry, just honest supportive trustworthy friends who are great to spend time with.

The best part of the book is definitely the writing. The conversations are full of witty banter and light hearted moments which make this book so much fun. I also liked that the MCs have a traumatic history but the book is about them being survivors and not letting the past overshadow their present or future. The book is also relatively angst free, so I was very happy while reading it (considering I’m usually a crier). I recommend this to anyone who loves a good romance, entertaining dialogue and a great group of friends.

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

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    1. I’ve read her other books as part of the Erin Watt duo but this was my first time reading her individual ones.. I had a lot of fun reading this series… 😊😊😊


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