3 Quotes, 3 Days (Day 1)


Another day.. Another tag.. I’m enjoying these posts because I don’t have the burden of writing reviews. Hopefully I will do that soon too.

Thank you Dani @ The Introverted Book Nerd for tagging me. Please checkout her amazing blog and I promise, you will love her posts as well as interacting with her.

I recently did a TTT post with 20 of my favorite quotes, so I had to think through to include some new ones here.

The Rules

• Thank the person who nominated you

• Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day)

• Nominate 3 new bloggers each day

So, for Day 1, I have decided to include a very emotional quote said by one of my favorite characters from the book which me and Dani and our wonderful group recently buddy read as part of the read-along hosted by Jess @ Reading with Jessica.

The Beauty of Darkness


He leaned back, the misery in his eyes cutting through me. “But they’re only wishes, Lia, because you’ve made promises and so have I. Tomorrow will come, and tomorrow will matter, to your kingdom and to mine. So please, don’t ask me again if I wish for something, because I don’t want to be reminded that everyday I wish for something I cannot have.”

I Tag:

Lydia @ SilverWolfReads

Caitlin @ Caitstiel’s Book World

Gina @ Gina’s Bookshelf

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