Book Review: Scoring Wilder by R. S. Grey


I actually love reading books that have the typical romance tropes – including this one which is a version of forbidden love. Liam is a 25 year old star soccer player/ Olympics silver medalist who has decided to volunteer as an assistant coach for Kinsley’s college soccer team. The team is advised to not fraternize with Liam because he is a superior even if everyone of them seems to have a crush on him.

The biggest reason why I didn’t enjoy this book a lot is the annoying MC Kinsley. She is the number one female college soccer recruit in th country, is supposedly a major contender for the Olympic tryouts and all round awesome. Obviously, I expected her to be focused and ambitious about her dreams, with a cool head on her shoulders. But what I got was a teenager who was obsessively attracted to her coach from the first time she saw him. That would still have been okay if she wasn’t fantasizing about having sex with him when she was supposed to be practicing.

The first 50% of the book was just Kinsley lusting after Liam, sneaking around with him not bothering about the consequences (considering she could be kicked off the team) and her best friend and team mate Becca totally encouraging her. For a while, I even thought maybe Becca was trying to sabotage Kinsley to eliminate her competition but turns out, they all just have bad judgement.

What saved the book for me was the last 30-40% when Kinsley and Liam were finally allowed to be together. Then, it turned out to be like a good romance novel with a young couple totally besotted with each other, overwhelmed by their feelings and being very supportive and pushing each other to be better athletes. Thanks to the last half, I was able to finish the book and wasn’t really upset but not enough to give more stars.

Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️

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