Top 5 Wednesday: Auto-buy Fantasy Authors


Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme maintained by Samantha and you can get more details at the Goodreads group.

As you all know, I love reading fantasy novels but I’m also very scared to read new authors because I’m scared to be disappointed. 2017 has been good to me and I discovered some amazing authors whose books I’m looking forward to reading for a long time to come. So, let me list my favorites. (I wouldn’t call it an auto-buy list, more like auto-read, coz I don’t buy a lot of books and mostly rely on my library.)


I started with ACOTAR but my true SJM love is Throne of Glass. I’m so much in love with those characters and have spent a lot of time laughing and crying with them, and I can’t believe the journey ends in October. But I will always want to read what Sarah writes next.


I can’t even imagine not reading something that Leigh writes, especially set in the Grishaverse. Her writing, characters and world building are just magical.


I may not have really liked Cassie’s TMI books a lot, but The Infernal Devices and the recent Dark Artifices trilogies are some of my favorites. Shadowhunter universe is one of my favorite fictional worlds and I would love to read more books set in it.

Dance of Thieves_FINAL 9.18

The Remnant Chronicles is so beautifully written and I’m so emotionally attached to those characters. Definitely want to read more awesome books by Mary Pearson. Dance of Thieves can’t come soon enough.


I’ve only read Victoria Schwab’s Monsters of Verity duology but it was so thoughtful while also being action packed. I definitely want to read her other books before waiting for the new releases.

Who are your favorite authors? Any recommendations are welcome !!!

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  1. Aha Sarah J Maas and Cassandra Clare books are an auto buy for me. I actually started with Throne of Glass a few months after it came out waaaaay back in 2012. It’s been a long journey and I’m not ready for it to come to an end. Also Chloe Neill is an auto buy for me – love her books. Who else…probably Rachel Caine.

    Sarah Dessen books are an auto read, I’m still working my way through them all xD

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    1. I actually read all of Sarah’s books just since last September.. never had to wait like you… but even I’m not ready for ToG to end…
      I should probably checkout the other authors u have mentioned…

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      1. Hehe Chloe Neill’s main series is Chicaogland Vampires and yes its about vampires but it goes beyond the vampires and it’s amazing! She also has Devil’s Isle, which is a trilogy but I’m praying for a 4th book at some point. Hehe Sarah Dessen is contemporary tho 😉 but I do love her books

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        1. Ohh Chicagoland Vampires.. I remember trying to read one years ago… not in the mood for paranormal stuff these days… Sarah Dressen I have definitely read a few… but I should probably checkout her newer ones..

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          1. aaah paranormal is my all time fav genre xD I’ll pick it over fantasy any day haha. Hmmm if I think of any others you may like I’ll tweet you probs xD

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  2. Leigh Bardugo and Victoria Schwab! I definitely agree! I didn’t like TMI a lot either but everything else she Cassandra Clare’s come out with I’ve absolutely adored, so I wouldn’t consider her auto buy, but very close to it.

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  3. I’ve heard so much about Mary Pearson’s books I have to try them one day!

    Totally with you on VE Schwab and Leigh Bardugo.

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