Book Review: Leo loves Aries by Anyta Sunday (Spoilers)


This book starts with twins Theo and Leone trying hard to move on after breaking up with their exes – who actually fell in love with each other. That’s understandably rough. They decide to find each other dates for “The Wedding”. In the meantime, they also interview roommates and Theo finally settles on his previous semesters’ econ tutor Jamie. What follows is a story of friendship, trust, jealousy and love in all it’s fun forms.

Theo is very funny and sweet and adorable but absolutely clueless in certain matters. He loves getting under Jaime’s skin, irritating him to no end but also enjoying their encounters. Leone is legally blind and can only slightly see outlines and some colors but she is fierce, loyal and independent. Jaime is calm, cool, smart, a health food nut and gives back as good as he gets to Theo. The three of them develop a great dynamic living together and it was fun seeing their daily interactions.

Jaime is always attentive towards Leone’s needs but also considerate to let her be and figure out her surroundings in a new place. This makes Theo want to setup his sister with Jaime but fate has other ideas.

When Theo goes on a date with Liz and Leone and Jaime join them, Theo ends up spending most of his time with Jaime. He gets incessantly jealous seeing with his childhood best friend Sean. The banter between them is absolutely hilarious and so full of sexual innuendo but Theo is as usual his oblivious self. Even when they take their friendship to the next level, he couldn’t get it through his thick head that he was in love and his insistence that they were just friends with benefits fooled no one.

The book also has good side characters and I loved all the friendships. Sean is a great, supportive best friend to Jaime and I loved the progression of his relationship with Leone. Ben and Kyle are also a cool addition to their group and definitely help Theo figure out his feelings. But the most charming of all is the twins’ mother Crystal – her obsession with the zodiac and insisting that the predictions in the horoscope will work was very funny. But her emphasis that the sexual chemistry between Leo and Aries will be explosive does turn out to be true. I can’t wait to see more of her in the remaining books of the series.

To wrap up, I just have to say that this book has great elements – beautiful friendships, amazingly positive sibling relationship, very slow burn romance and hilarious entertaining banter. It is also quite angst-free and will make for a delightful read when in need for some fun.

Rating:  ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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