Mini Reviews: Love Lessons Trilogy by Heidi Cullinan


Love Lessons

This book is a whole lot cheesy, sappy and emotional but what can I say… Kelly and Walter are adorable… They have their own anxieties and problems which brought tears to my eyes but as long as they are together, everything is fine… 

I totally love Kelly’s obsession for everything Disney and I just can’t wait to see how much of that is going to influence their wedding… These two definitely deserve a Disneyesque HEA… 

You should definitely read this book for the lovely characters..

Fever Pitch

Wow this book has everything I can ask for… A sweet and adorable couple Aaron and Giles, both music majors.. Everytime someone mentioned Aaron’s beautiful voice, I really wanted to hear him sing 😍😍 The A capella groups Ambassadors and Salvo were a joy to read about – all of them are amazing musicians and a great group of friends. I really loved how well they supported each other irrespective of the situation.

We also see a diverse group of parents here – extremely caring ones on one side and obsessively controlling and murderous on the other. The ending twist related to Elijah and Baz was so unexpected, that it just shook me *shudders*.

The message I took from this book is of love and acceptance – accept and care for your loved ones for who they are and not what you want them to be. Also, support anyone whom you are in a position to – any little thing might just be what they need.

I didn’t think I could love Walter and Kelly more but they are just awesome. Walter really is a true friend to Aaron. Giles’s parents are sweethearts. All of the friends are amazing and I can’t even choose between Mina, Damien, Marius, Baz, Drs Nussy, Dr. Allison , Pastor Schulz and his wife.. It’s such a joy to read about so many wonderful characters.

Lonely Hearts

This book was definitely the most intense of the trilogy. But Elijah and Baz are just perfect for each other. Baz has his physical and emotional disabilities to deal with whereas Elijah has to come to terms with his self loathing brought on by his upbringing. But the way they start trusting each other and are always supportive was beautifully written. It was also good to see Baz develop into a more confident person with a sense of his future. Even though I loved their story, I would have loved more scenes with just the two of them and not the other subplots with the side characters.

Obviously, Walter and Kelly’s wedding at the beginning was totally cheesy but how can I not enjoy them being together forever . That was a great start to the story. I also enjoyed the new characters Ed and Laurie and have to read their book too.

Overall, this was a good ending to the series. But apparently I still have a novella to read with Elijah and Baz and tats just icing on the cake.

Rating:  ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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