Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Fandom Items


Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme maintained by Samantha and you can get more details at the Goodreads group.

I’m so excited to do this post today. As most of you already know, I only started blogging less than a year ago which also increased my interest in collecting books and bookish merch. This day last year, I probably didn’t even know what the word “Fandom” meant, but now I do and I can’t believe I was living under a rock till now.

Obviously, I own very little bookish merch when compared to so many of you lovely bloggers, but I’m thrilled to showcase my beautiful and precious collection 😍😍😍


Harry Potter


Any post related to Fandom can’t be complete without HP. It has been my dream to have a huge Harry Potter section in my house, but these are all I own for now. Hopefully, I’ll keep collecting more in the future.



What better way to prepare for the phenomenon that is Avengers: Infinity War which I’m watching on Saturday 😃😃 than showing my very little collection. I especially love my t-shirt coz it highlights Thor *swoons*.

Game of Thrones


I love Monopoly but buying this particular version was all my husband’s decision. He is obsessed with the TV show and wanted something to memorialize his adoration. And I think the miniature Iron Throne is particularly cool.




When I decided to buy some bookish mugs, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted only ToG and SoC. My love for these two series is boundless.



I love every single word that Leigh Bardugo writes and it has been a pleasure collecting all her books. But when the Grisha trilogy paperback box set came with the Grishaverse map, it was the best feeling ever. Now it adorns the Wall right next my bookshelf.

My Favorite Characters


I have read Pride and Prejudice countless times and I didn’t even know that any merch related to such classics exist. Imagine my surprise when I found these page flags in my neighborhood B&N store. My best friend decided to buy them for me coz I couldn’t contain my excitement.


If you have followed my blog, you know I am a Throne of Glass fanatic. I adore the characters and I really wanted to see them, not just in my imagination. So, when I found these absolutely cute magnetic bookmarks on Etsy, I decided to buy them as my birthday presents this year.


I won this character postcard in an Instagram giveaway and it’s only one I have ever won in my life. Isn’t it so pretty?



Though I own only one shelf of books and usually prefer reading on my iPad or Kindle, collecting bookmarks has become a hobby in the past year. I have a quite a few more but these have some wonderful quotes.

What do you think of my collection? What did you like among these? What amazing fandom items do you own? I would love to know….!!!

15 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Fandom Items

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    1. Ohh I opened the page flags packaging just for this post, though I’ve had them for more than 6 months… I would never use them too.. as u said, too cute 😍😍😍
      Avengers shirt is proof that my timid self braved the rides at Universal Studios 😜😜

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    1. Ohh it’s a lot of fun… the cards with all the kingdoms names and family names… but the best part are the miniature stuff we use to move around.. iron throne, crown, dragon egg, direwolf etc… you actually don’t wanna play a lot because you just want to preserve the whole thing 😍😍

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