T5W Rewind: Favorite Bromances


Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme maintained by Samantha and you can get more details at the Goodreads group.

As Samantha @ Thoughts on Tomes is very busy with her moving this month, I get to pick a previous topic which I never got the chance to post about and I have decided to list down my favorite bromances… because come on, we have just too many awesome ones. And I have two different lists coming up here – books and movies – because selecting just 5 favorites among all is too difficult. Let’s get started 🙂


Art Credit: Slashpalooza

Six of Crows has the best crew and friendships ever. And my favorite bromance is Kaz and Jesper. Kaz may never show his true feelings for Jes, but we all know he treats him like family – always covertly looking out for him. And Jesper just admires Kaz so much. I love reading their conversations so much.

Little Dorian and Chaol by Taratjah

I loooooooove my precious prince Dorian and really don’t like Chaol much, but no one can dispute that their’s is a friendship for ages and they would die for each other. They have been through a lot and I hope Kingdom of Ash brings them together again for some happy times.

Art Credit: Charlie Bowater

The Inner Circle is awesome and I love all of them but the friendship between Rhys, Cass and Az is just beautiful. It goes to show that sometimes, the family that you make is so much more stronger. And ACOFAS gave me their best scene ever *snowball fights*.

Hogwart’s Kitchen at Midnight by Kirsten Stackhouse

Even though we never really see their friendship on page and only hear about it, their bond just comes across as so genuine and beautiful. I wish we could have a book about the Marauders adventures. And no Peter Pettigrew, you are not invited.

The Raven Boys by Itsnucleicacid

This is a very unpopular opinion but I actually didn’t enjoy this series. The only reason I read it completely is the friendship that these boys share. It’s very heartwarming and this gang of four forms the soul of this story.



The first ever favorite bromance of my life. Their friendship is eternal and will remain in the fan’s minds for a long long time.


I love every single scene in the movies where these three show up together. This unlikely friendship is absolutely amazing and the actors make it so much more memorable. But my favorite moment will always be Legolas and Gimli counting their kills to one-up each other 😉


Harry and Ron is the bestest friendship ever written in YA. And the movies depict this wonderfully. Enough said !!!!!


Well, the middle earth as we know it wouldn’t have survived without these amazing hobbits. Sam and Frodo are the epitome of loyalty whereas Merry and Pippin bring all the laughs during bleak times. They may look little but they are the towering giants in this brilliant story.


The best bromance in the MCU, period. Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan definitely make it very easy for the slash shippers with their amazing potrayal of friendship. But after all this, Infinity War had to just go and break my heart 😭😭😭 Russo brothers – I am still angry 😡😡😡

What are some of your favorite bromances? Do share your recommendations for awesome books with cool friendships!!!

28 thoughts on “T5W Rewind: Favorite Bromances

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  1. How do I disagree with any of these? The LOTR trio + quartet, the Raven Boys (I agree, I read this series for the characters alone too), Kaz and Jesper (looove their friendship), Sherlock (the dudes are hilarious together), Cap and Bucky…you nailed the list! 😀

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  2. Great list and I absolutely love your choices especially the two from Lord of the Rings! Gimli and Legolas are just absolute friendship goals and the bit where Gimli says he never thought he’d die fighting side by side with an elf and then Legolas says what about with a friend is amazing! Same with Sam and Frodo, the bit where they’re talking about being a story and Frodo says he wouldn’t have come far without Sam. Actually the best thing ever 😂😂 One of my more recent favourite bromances is Rev and Declan in Letters to the Lost and More than We Can Tell by Brigid Kemmerer because I feel like is so many YA contemporaries I read friendships are completely forgotten about but these two just care about each other so much and it’s so sweet! Great post!! 🙂

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    1. I totally agree with you… Despite the massive fights and amazing world building, I think the heart of LOTR is the beautiful friendships… and thanks for reminding me of those wonderful scenes.., wanna see the movies now 😍😍😍
      I have Letters to the lost on my TBR… now that you say it has great friendships, I should probably move it up…. I definitely think romantic plots always overshadow the friendships in YA contemporary and we need more of them…
      Thank you so much checking out my post 😊😊😊

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      1. Haha honestly, same, as soon as i start thinking about them i want to watch them but their so long and i have so much other stuff to do! 😂😂 i’m biased because i loved it but letter to the lost is really good so i hope you enjoy it when you get to it! 😊😊

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        1. I have the extended editions too… so I would need around 12 hours for the movie marathon which is kinda tough… someday soon 😍😍😍
          I hope I’ll love the book too !!!

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  3. I really enjoyed reading this post! 😊 I definitely agree with Strider, Legolas and Gimli 😀 I also started The Raven Cycle this year and I’m not enjoying it much. Like you the main reason I do keep reading is because of the friendship. Rhys, Cass and Az’s relationship is one of my favs! 💕

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    1. The world may be ending and there may be massive action sequences, but I definitely love LOTR for its friendships…
      Finally someone who is not totally enamored by the Raven Cycle… I love the characters but the I don’t understand what’s the plot at all… I hope you enjoy the series overall 😊😊😊
      Rhys, Cass and Az are just friendship goals 😍😍😍😍

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      1. I’m reading The Fellowship of The Ring currently after watching the films and it’s pretty slow going!
        Yeah, I didn’t really understand the massive hype surrounding the plot. The only two good things in my eyes are the characters and the friendship formed between them all. Thank you 🙂 I started the second book ages ago, I got about half way through & got side tracked by another book lmao!
        Yessss, definitely!!! ❤

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        1. I think it took me about a month to finish the books and I’m not sure if I really love them… the movies are my all time favorites though…
          I hope u like the books 😊😊😊

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    1. The books are always better… but I liked the potrayals in the movies… they definitely chose the right actors for the parts….
      Thanks for checking my post.. 😊😊😊

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