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Hello fellow book lovers…!!!! I’m back with another tag because as always, I’m currently not in a mood to write reviews. Thankfully, amazing bloggers like Norees @ NoReadsTooGreat keep tagging me so that my blog doesn’t become too dull. Do checkout her blog for so many more awesome posts !!!


Thank the person who tagged you and create a pingback to the original author – Nel @ Reactionary Tales.

Share at least 5 (but more are welcome) romances that tugged your heart strings. They can be from books, movies, TV shows, manga; anything you can think of! They can be examples of sad tears, angry tears, happy tears or a combination of all three.

Nominate 5 (or more) people to share their emotional traumas.


Obviously, there will be spoilers below… Read at your own risk


Elena and Stefan in the initial seasons were awesome but I always had a soft spot for Damon. He really loved her so much despite knowing she probably would never reciprocate his feelings. So, obviously…. their path to getting together was paved through a lot of my tears… And the series finale was heartbreakingly beautiful.

Kiss of Deception / Heart of Betrayal / Beauty of Darkness

I adored Rafe and Lia from the first scene they met and my love for them only grew bounds as the books went on. The third book broke my heart a lot of times because they always chose the well-being of their people and kingdoms before their love. Such an admirable couple.

Lord of Shadows

Wow… Emma and Julian’s relationship is so full of angst, I just can’t describe my feelings. An ultimate forbidden love story in the Shadowhunter universe, they left me in tears every time they were in a scene. I just hope Queen of Air and Darkness gives them a deserving forever.


If you have seen Season 1 Episode 12 of Shadowhunters, you know what I’m talking about. Alec wants to be loyal to his family but Magnus wants him to acknowledge his true feelings. Alec’s ultimate decision and that beautiful kiss just brought on so many happy tears.

Review: Him

Wesmie are hands down my favorite couple of this year and their journey to be together forever has many sad and happy tears on the way. I love these books soooooo much that I haven’t been able to write a review for the second book even after months and multiple rereads.


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  1. Awww Sahi thanks for tagging me for this!! As soon as I saw my name a post started to write in my mind, lol. And I can’t help but gush about Magnus and Alec!! I love the two of them and they have such chemistry on the screen. ❤️ I don’t know the others but Rafe and Lia sounds perfect for each other and now I’m intrigued in the series!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MALEC are just wow on screen… I definitely watch the show mostly for them 😉😉
      I love Rafe and Lia a lot… it’s a very slow paced fantasy trilogy but it’s one of my top favorites that I read last year…


    1. There is definitely a lot of angst and the whole forbidden love thing happening in TDA…. hopefully, you’ll get to them soon so that we can all discuss!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the tag! This post is going to be so much fun! 😊 Btw Alec and Magnus are definitely one of my favorite couples of all time! Love them! 💙

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s awesome 😍😍😍 Seems like MALEC are everyone’s favorite… especially in the show…
      I’ll be waiting to see what other romances you mention… maybe U ll give me some recs…!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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