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I’ve been obsessed with Egyptian mythology ever since I first saw the pictures of the Great Pyramid at Gaza. So, when I saw this tag created by Jules @ Bookish Voyager, I just had to do it. Also, please go ahead and check out many other fascinating posts at her blog.

Ra – God of the Sun & Radiance

Your top book or series of all time


Well… This is kinda the obvious. Though Throne of Glass comes a close second, my all time favorite still remains Harry Potter.

Isis – Goddess of Magic

Book or series that you bought only for the cover


The premises of these books are intriguing enough but I definitely bought the physical copies because these covers are gorgeous.

Horus – God of Vengeance

Book or series which you like its antagonist or which you prefer the villain over the hero.

The Darkling and Sankta Alina by Freiheit

There is not even a question that I love Alina. But the best part of this trilogy is undoubtedly the Darkling.

Osiris – God of the Underworld & Ressurection

Book or series that pulled you out of your reading slump.


February and March were not good months for reading and the Love Lessons trilogy by Heidi Cullinan brought me out of this worst slump with the easy writing style and heart warming characters.

Anubis – God of the Dead

Darkest book/series you’ve read


This book may not be one of my favorites but it’s definitely the darkest and the one that scared me a lot.

Seth – God of Chaos

Book or series that you would burn to ashes


No explanation needed.

Hathor – Goddess of Love

Your favorite OTP

Review: Him

There are usually too many to list, so I will go with my favorite of 2018. Ryan and Jamie aka Wesmie.

Thoth – God of Knowledge and Wisdom

Book or series you would create its movie adaptation.

Review: QoS

I would love to see the series made into a TV show but this is one book that I’m dying to watch on screen.

Mut – Goddess of Motherhood

Book or series you wish there was a sequel.


I just want a book with Lia and Rafe showcasing them as Queen of Venda and King of Dalbreck while trying to maintain their relationship.

Sekmet – Goddess of War & Healing

Book or series that tore you apart

The Fifth Season / The Obelisk Gate / The Stone Sky

This series just twisted my heart and broke it into lots of pieces while making me introspect.

Geb – God of Earth

Book or series that has the best world building

City of Stairs / City of Blades / City of Miracles

An amazing and extremely underrated series that I don’t talk enough about. I could read it just for it’s world building and mythology.


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