TTT: Bookish Worlds I’d Want to/Never Want to Live In


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish that now has a new home at That Artsy Reader Girl.

There are so so many bookish worlds that I have encountered in my reading of fantasy novels that I thought this would be a very easy post to do. But then I realised I really had to think and it took quite some time to figure out. I have decided to do both lists because I’m very bad at choosing.

Worlds I Want to Live In


Hogwarts castle

Now this is obviously a no brainer. Who doesn’t want to study at The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, learn magic and live in a castle? I wish it was real.



I love their little round houses in the countryside and I think I would enjoy being in the company of Hobbits. Hopefully, I will get to atleast visit the set in New Zealand in my lifetime.



This is probably the most beautiful setting I’ve ever seen in a movie and I would move there in a heartbeat. Such ethereal beauty 😍😍😍



I don’t think there is anyone who has loved ACOMAF that doesn’t want to live or atleast visit Velaris. SJM definitely brings the magic of this city to life with her words.



I know that we don’t spend a lot of time in this kingdom in the trilogy but I just love the idea and wouldn’t mind spending some time there.

Worlds I Never Want to Live In



This is probably one of those dystopian worlds that scared the hell out of me because of it’s possibility in real life. I don’t think I want to visit this even in my dreams.



A world where every word, every action, every aspect of our life is controlled by the goverment – no thank you!!!



This world is so full of violence, I don’t think I would be able to survive even a day.



Now I love my Dregs gang and want to be besties with Inej and Wylan, but I don’t think the ruthless streets of Ketterdam are for the weak-hearted like me.



As of right now, I can’t even imagine living in Adarlan or anywhere in Erilea. Now if the war with Erawan and Maeve is over and my precious Dorian is King, then that would be amazing.

What do you think of my list? Do you want to live in any of these worlds? Help me out if I’ve missed any!!

46 thoughts on “TTT: Bookish Worlds I’d Want to/Never Want to Live In

Add yours

  1. Hog warts definitely tops the list of places I’d want to live in! Oh and Oceania is on my list of places to not want to live in either! I still have to visit Gilead but fear that it will affect me deeply

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  2. I don’t know if I’d want to live in Ketterdam either (maybe near the University in the nicer part of town, definitely not the Barrel), but I would love to live in Ravka, or maybe Novyi Zem! The Grishaverse is my favorite fictional world by far ❤️

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