Short Story Reviews: Captive Prince

I love these short stories so much and this post is just going to be me gushing about everything…!!! Lots of spoilers coming ahead…

The Summer Palace


This was the epilogue that we didn’t get at the end of King’s Rising and I’m overjoyed. This brought so much smiles on my face. And it’s at the Summer Palace which once Damen mentioned to Laurent and hoped that they could visit together.

  • Damen leaving his whole entourage behind and riding ahead to meet Laurent alone and early is too cute.
  • Laurent is watching the road…. Ohhh my heart!!!!
  • And he is in traditional Akeilon clothing… 🙂 🙂
  • For once, Laurent is blabbering because he is feeling too much… “Stop my mouth. I don’t know what I’m saying.”
  • Damen remembering the time after Kastor’s death. Laurent staying with him every step of the way, giving orders to keep the peace.
  • Damen loves showing off the palace to Laurent.. while holding hands and stealing kisses and just lingering in the gardens.
  • Laurent plucked a flower and tucked it into Damen’s hair…. Who knew Laurent can be so cute and romantic 🤩🤩🤩
  • Damen called the gardens “ours”… How sweeeeet….!!!!
  • Laurent promises to Damen’s mom at her statue. “I’ll take care of your son. I’ll protect his kingdom as if it were my own. I’ll give my life for his people. I won’t let him down. I promise you.” He has so much love in his heart…
  • They both talk about Auguste’s death and also Damen’s feelings for Kastor. It’s so profound.
  • Laurent serving Damen in the baths is so reminiscent of the scene from Captive Prince. It’s not easy but it’s a way for them to make peace with their past and move forward together.
  • Naked wrestling on the floor… woah!!!! And Nikandros is teaching Laurent how to wrestle… that’s the best thing and wish we had a story about that..
  • And now they are walking around naked through the gardens and palace… hahaha
  • The lovemaking is as sweet and beautiful as we expect from these two people so much in love.
  • And they are making plans for the future… I’m feeling so excited right alongside them.

Such a wonderful story. And it was good to read this fluffy story about them being two people in love instead of two Kings fighting for their kingdoms. They deserve all the happiness in the world 😍😍😍


The Adventures of Charls


Charls, the cloth merchant is probably the most entertaining character in the whole series and it’s so much fun reading about everyone from his perspective.

  • Prince Laurent aka young Charls wants to accompany Charls on his trade trip to Aegina and he is delighted.
  • I don’t think there is anyone more loyal or who admires Laurent more than Charls. He just adores his prince.
  • Laurent is there to save the day when another merchant Makon spreads misinformation about Charls.
  • I love that the name Damen goes by with the group is essentially a Damen Laurent ship name “Lamen” .. it’s hilarious.
  • Their horses are poisoned and it’s Lamen’s forewarning that prevents most of them from being killed.
  • They rest at a small inn, not their usual fare and a fight breaks out because not all people still like the alliance.
  • Laurent saves a farmer boy and they hide out along with Charls behind a table.. and Laurent is throwing olives at the people who are fighting… Can you believe it… He is absolutely hilarious !!!!
  • Charls asks Lamen to cook a dead rabbit because his precious Prince’s hands are not made to hold dead things. And Lamen obviously has no clue what to do with it either… 😂😂😂😂
  • They all have an intense discussion about the alliance and then the topics veer into how Damen and Laurent possibly fell in love and about their faithful love life. I think Charls feels more embarrassed than the lovers 😀😀
  • Apparently the whole trip was Laurent’s plan to uncover the illegal slave trade of Makon and it’s so heartening to see them save the slaves and provide them safety.
  • Charls wants to advise Lamen about his relationship with the Prince because he is now the lover of King Damianos.
  • “Charls,” said Lamen, “I’d work my whole life to be worthy of him.”
  • Charls is glad his Prince will have an unswerving companion like Lamen by his side.
  • He is delighted to receive invitations to be a part of the ascension celebrations and then King Laurent introduces him to King Damianos. That ending is just soooo funny. “Why are you dressed up like the King?” 😂😂😂😂

This was the most fun I had while reading this series. Charls is a very appealing character and his perspective is super funny. And I love his devotion for his Prince. I just wish there were more stories after.



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  1. I have read the Summer Palace but NOT The Adventures of Charls and omg I need to read it ASAP!!!! It looks sooooo good!!!!!! I wish we could just keep getting more stories about Damen and Laurent, preferably for the rest of our lives hahahaha. Great post!!!

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