The ABC Book Challenge | “C”


Another day… Another letter… Let’s see what are all the books that I love and want to read starting with “C”.

Memorable Titles That Start With “C”



City of Stairs is the first book in my all-time favorite adult fantasy trilogy The Divine Cities. I could just list down all three books and be done with it, that’s how much I love them. The world building and mythology is probably one of the best I’ve ever read and author does a wonderful job commenting on the affects of war, oppression, persecution and religious fanaticism without ever coming across as preachy. A must read in my opinion but you need to be mindful of the very slow pacing of the story.

Code Girls is an inspiring tale of many of the women in America who participated in their own ways as code breakers during the World Wars but never got their due recognition because they weren’t in the field. This book will make you balk at the migogyny and prejudice while also commending the strength and determination of these women. Another must read.

Can’t end the list without mentioning a wonderful romance Change of Hart about a star football player who falls in love with a single mom Addison and her adorable little son. The highlight of this book is definitely the budding relationship between Jason and Jaxon. And I highly recommend listening to the audiobook because it’s narrated by my favorite ever Jacob Morgan.

Books Starting With “C” On My TBR



Well.. obviously Circe is on my list. Everyone seems to have already read it and I don’t like feeling left out. Hopefully, I’ll get to it soon.

I loved the Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy and have been very excited since the announcement of The Chase, featuring one of the players from Briar’s hockey team and Dean’s sister Summer.

Cinderella Boy is a YA romance featuring an MC who doesn’t like conforming to the societal norms of masculinity. It sounds very interesting and I can never resist a good high school love story.

This list has some of my most favorite books. Have you read any of them? Do let me know your thoughts and any recommendations.

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