Series Review: Imago and Imagines by N. R. Walker


After reading a few novellas written by N. R. Walker, I have come to the conclusion that she writes the sweetest romances. The characters are awesome, they are wonderful together, the angst is low and these stories just make you happy and feel good.

The story of Imago starts with Dr. Lawson Gale coming to the small town of Scottsdale to search for an elusive butterfly. There he meets the local Parks and Wildlife officer Jack Brighton and their connection is instant. Their dates are so cute and amazing involving, flowers, pastries, picnics in the backyard and so much more. They also work together trying to find the butterfly and navigating the terrain. Jack is a nice, adorable man who is happy with his small town life but now craves more with Lawson. Lawson maybe socially awkward due to being such a young genius, but he can be sassy and loving too. Their dynamic is absolute fun to read about – they have intelligent conversations about their passions and generally about wildlife conservation – and I just loved reading such smart discussions in a romance novel.

The story in Imagines occurs a few months later when Lawson is invited to Queensland to solve the mystery of the decline of the Ulysses butterfly and Jack joins him for the trip. Along with the research, both Jack and Lawson get a chance to reflect on what they want from their lives and how they envision the future of their relationship. There are some tense and sad moments here but I was so glad to see them resolved without a lot of heartbreak. The epilogue is absolutely magical and cheesy and extremely beautiful and I wouldn’t have expected anything less from this author.

This series is very lovely to read and will bring a big smile on your face. I will recommend this one to anyone who wants to read a sweet and cute romance between two intelligent and wonderful guys.


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