The ABC Book Challenge | “E”


Another day.. Another letter.. Here comes the list my friends !!!!

Memorable Titles That Start With “E”

Eligible is probably the best modern day retelling of Pride and Prejudice I’ve ever read. Definitely read this one if you are an Austen fangirl like me.

An alternate world in which there exists a machine that can take you inside any fictional world and interact with the characters. Does that sound like fun? Then you should check out The Eyre Affair in which our main character ends up in the world of Jane Eyre.

This book brings lots of memories because it was my favorite companion when I was living alone during the final term of college. And obviously I was awed that the author of Eragon had written it in his teens.

Books Starting With “E” On My TBR

A unique and humorous feminist perspective on slut shaming and the idea of “friendzone” – The Exact Opposite of Okay sounds awesome and I really want to read it.

The epic fantasy that everyone seems to love, I will definitely start An Ember in the Ashes someday.

Everless probably has more negative reviews but this was a pure impulsive cover buy on my part. Just look at that gorgeousness.

What do you think of these books? Any of your favorites here? Do let me know…!!!!

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