T5W: Classics I Wish Had Modern Adaptations

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Samantha and you can get more details at the Goodreads group.

I remember quite a few classics when I was still school and enjoying them… but I think it was mostly because those were the only books I had access to. I have never wanted to read more of them in my adult life and even now, when many bloggers talk about classics, I feel very uninterested. However, I think it’s great that authors these days are writing retellings and I find it a great way to respect the classics. Below list is actually of some of my favorite classics whose modern retellings I would love to read.


I’ve enjoyed many different retellings and interpretations of the Mahabharata. But I really think a contemporary family saga based on this epic will be a delight to read.


Sherlock Holmes will always be my favorite classic character and I love rereading his adventures all the time. While watching the TV show was a lot of fun, I would love to read a well written modern retelling of The Hound of Baskervilles or The Sign of Four.


I’ve actually read wonderful modern versions of Pride and Prejudice and Emma but haven’t found one of Sense and Sensibility that I really liked. I would love to read one, especially because this is probably my favorite Austen novel.


It’s been a long time since I’ve read this book but I remember it being a favorite of mine during my school years. I think a modern version of the story would be great to read and might refresh my memories of the classic.


This is actually one classic that I only read last year and it’s still very relevant to the modern times. Kudos to Orwell’s mind. But I still think it would be nice if someone wrote a more futuristic retelling of it, with probably more action.. coz 1984 can get quite boring in parts.

Have you guys read any retellings of these classics? Feel free to share your recommendations….!!!!

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    1. I know… that’s why I thought a retelling could rework the boring and exhausting parts… but the story itself is too relevant to modern times that it doesn’t necessitate a modern version…

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    1. 1984 is definitely our current reality… I agree with you on that…. it was so scary reading it…
      I have been waiting for my library to get the copy of Spark of White fire… it’s probably the first of its kind and I don’t want to miss it😊😊😊😊


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