T5W: Favorite Magic Systems

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Samantha and you can get more details at the Goodreads group.

Fantasy is my favorite genre, so I’m always excited to discover new magic systems. Magic in books is what helps me escape reality when I’m in dire need of it and for that, I’ll always be grateful to the amazing fantasy authors. So, let me list down some of the most exciting magical systems I have ever read (other than HP) and I hope you will love them too.


Foundryside has one of the most unique and detailed magic systems I have read in recent times and I found it very impressive. The art of “scriving” – the use of sigils and glyphs to convice objects to defy physics – is very well depicted and I enjoyed knowing about the limitations and consequences of using this magic. The author calls this “the mgic equivalent of database management” and I couldn’t agree more. This is a book I will recommend till the end of time and I really wish everyone reads this.


The magic in the Grisha trilogy is called “Little Science” and the various orders of magic wielders make for excellent competition throughout the series. I also love how the use of parem fundamentally changes the powers and I can’t wait to see what more we will encounter when we return to Ravka in King of Scars.


A world that always feels like its on the verge of apocalypse and the magic wielders who essentially use geological magic to keep the earth stable makes for a very compelling story.


This has been on my TBR for long and other than the cover, what made me very interested was the idea of time being currency and the wealthy exploiting the poor to extend their own lifetime.


The concept of everyone being born gray and only women with powers being able to grant them beauty is very intriguing and makes for excellent commentary on how our society places too much emphasis on external beauty. I really hope to read this one soon.

What are some of your favorite magic systems? Do let me know your suggestions so that I can check them out as well !!!!

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    1. Thank you Manmit… I’m always talking about that book… I’m a huge fan of the author and you should also checkout his other trilogy which starts with City of Stairs 😃😃😃

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