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We are reading My Lady Jane for our Overbooked Book Club this month and imagine my surprise when Jennifer @ Sleeping Suburb tagged me for this one. This is such an amazing coincidence and I’m so excited to answer everything here. But before that, do make sure to checkout Jennifer’s blog for more wonderful bookish posts.


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Jane Lynch | A Favourite Book Featuring A Character on the LGBTQIA+ Spectrum


There are too many to choose from, so I’m going to try to list a few. While Not Your Sidekick is an excellent futuristic story with superheroes and a super cute f/f romance, Gentleman’s Guide is a hilarious journey of two best friends in love. Simon vs is the best and sweetest coming of age story I have read whereas A Charm of Finches is an excellent emotional story of two men who find love when they are least expecting it.

Lady Jane Grey | A Short Book that Packed a Punch


The Language of Thorns is the best collection of fairy tale retellings with some of the most beautiful illustrations. Leigh Bardugo makes these stories darker and creepier than the originals in her signature atmospheric writing style.

Jane Austen | Favourite Heroine in a Classic Book


These have to be Jane Austen heroines. Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice and Eleanor Dashwood from Sense and Sensibility will always remain my favorites.

Jane Eyre | Your favourite retelling

palace of illusions

There are quite a few retellings that I have enjoyed over the years but The Palace of Illusions is definitely a special one. It’s a retelling of the Mahabharata from the perspective of Draupadi and it’s a very unique women centric view of the epic that everyone should read.

Calamity Jane | Your most anticipated release


Obviously Kingdom of Ash. I’m waiting for the day it will release, so that I can forget sleep and immerse myself in Aelin’s world again.

Jane Fonda | A character who upholds feminist ideals


The Nowhere Girls is an excellent feminist YA novel and all it’s three protagonists – Grace, Rosina and Erin – try their level best to fight for their rights and support other women.

Jane Krakowski | An underrated book you wish more people would read


A Thousand Beginnings and Endings is an own voices anthology of short stories written by Asian authors reimagining their mythological and folk stories. It’s a beautiful collection that depicts various cultures of Asia and I enjoyed these stories which we would otherwise not find in mainstream books.

The Lady Janies | Two or more authors you wish would write a book together


This has to be my two favorite ladies, Sarah J Maas and Leigh Bardugo. SJM’s expansive world building and emotional characters combined with Leigh’s masterful storytelling full of twists and turns would definitely make for a brilliant and stunning book.

I’m going to tag some of the wonderful ladies who are part of my book club:

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Meher @ The Scribblings

Shivani @ Book Marked

Priya @ Priya Bookworm

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  1. Wow!! Awesome! I loved the post… in fact I was already on a hunt for some Asian stories… your post is just in time! Thanks so much… as already told you earlier Palace of Illusions is already in my TBR.. will add A Thousand beginnings and endings to it😊😊

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