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I’m so glad Tova @ Petyr Baeish Books tagged me for this one because I have grown up watching and loving Indian movies and this tag is perfect for me 😍😍😍 And please go ahead and checkout Tova’s blog because she writes such hilarious posts that you won’t stop laughing. Now without further ado, let me get started on this fun post…!!!

Also, feel free to use the images below if you are interested in doing this tag πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

1. Raja Babu


Name a classic that has held the test of time.


Firstly, I don’t think Raja Babu is a classic, but I can understand how Govinda fans might feel so. I’m also not a big reader of classics but I have read my fair share in my teenage years, and the only ones I still have fond memories of and wouldn’t mind rereading again are Sense and Sensibilty AND Pride and Prejudice. They definitely have held the test of time for me.

2. Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol


Name a fictional couple, who have chemistry (doesn’t have to be romantic)


Writing a six book romance series about a single couple is not easy and making the readers feel invested in them is quite remarkable. So, my answer for this one would have to be Tate and Logan from the Temptations series by Ella Frank. Their chemistry is off the charts right from the first time they meet and it sustains throughout.

3. Padmaavat


Pick Your Favourite Controversial or Problematic Read

It’s not surprising that I would choose A Court of Thorns and Roses series for this prompt. As much as I enjoyed this trilogy and reread ACOMAF multiple times, in hindsight I can’t ignore the issues related to the various characters’ actions, including Tamlin and Rhys.

4. The Three Khans (Shah Rukh, Aamir & Salman)


Name your favourite trio


This is quite a simple answer because no trio has ever left a lasting impact as much as Harry, Hermione and Ron.

5. Fawad Khan


Name a Fictional Character You Would Die For

Credit: Phantom Rin

I just finished Kingdom of Ash, so I’m still completely immersed in that world. Even without that, I would still choose Aelin Ashryver Galathynius because I really really love her character, flaws and all.

6. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham


Name a book with complicated family dynamics … because it’s all about loving your parents


There is not another book/folktale/epic in the world that has more complicated family dynamics than the Mahabharata. A Spark of White Fire, YA retelling of the epic set in space definitely tries to live up to that potential and I would recommend this brilliant book to everyone.

7. Hrithik Roshan


Name a fictional character whose name you struggle to pronounce correctly.


SJM is good at making up complicated names and we see all that mastery in Throne of Glass, where every character’s name needs some thought before pronunciation.

8. Khoobsurat


Name a book with a beautiful cover (that you wouldn’t feel guilty about taking a selfie with).


The upcoming (going to be awesome) book by Sandhya Menon is There’s Something About Sweetie and that cover is gorgeous and I have never felt more represented before.

9. Arjun Kapoor & Ranveer Singh


Name Your Bookish Bromance to End ALL Bromances


Fence is a very recent favorite graphic novel series and Harvard and Aiden’s friendship is just goals. Aiden is a typical arrogant playboy while Harvard is the nicest guy around, but they are really wonderful together and I can’t wait to see where their bromance goes next.

10. Dev Patel

Burberry and The Weinstein Company honor Dev Patel, Los Angeles, USA - 30 Nov 2016

Name an author you NEED more from


This is actually a very long list and I wish all my favorite authors would write many more books in quick succession. However, I would choose C.S. Pacat and I wish she writes many more full length novels because graphic novels are not enough of a fix for me anymore.

11. Bend It Like Beckham


Name a book that made you extremely happy


I have mentioned this before and I will again that this year’s most happiest read of mine is My So-Called Bollywood Life. And all my joy went through the roof when I got a chance to meet and talk to Nisha Sharma recently.

12. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan


Pick two books with beautiful covers, one that did live up to your expectations and one that did not.

I knew I would love Dance of ThievesΒ before it even released and it was so much better. Mary Pearson can do no wrong in my eyes and it was such a joy to be back in the Remnant universe. On the other hand, I had very high expectations from Furyborn and unfortunately, it didn’t live up to them. However, you can’t deny that both the covers look totally stunning.

13. Raazi


Name a book that more less broke your very soul


Another book that I keep talking about all the time, A Charm of Finches. This book will break you, put you through an emotional wringer but will ultimately give you hope. It’s one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read in my life.

14. Anushka Sharma


Name a Female Character You Admire


In recent months, one of my favorite female characters is Hazel from Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating. She is charming and quirky and eccentric and she never apologizes for being herself, despite what anyone thinks of her. She is such a sweetheart and I admire her quiet strength.

15. Slumdog Millionaire


Name a book with an underdog that you rooted for from the first page you met them


Nicholas Fox is the underdog from page 1 of Fence – the fencer with raw talent and speed but not the technical training that can make him a champion. And I am still waiting for the day he will beat Seiji.

16. Vicky Kaushal


Name a precious fictional character

Credit: Morgana0anagrom

In the latter half of the series, he has been tortured and broken, he has shown remarkable strength, and he has always been slightly arrogant. But Dorian Havilliard will always remain my sweet precious cinnamon roll – the one I fell in love with in Throne of Glass.

17. Dostana


Name a book that you think could have been done better?


Everyone loves Fangirl and after the super entertaining book that was Carry On, I expected the same. However, it was a disappointment because I could never really connect to the characters, especially the romance. I do feel that the author could have done a better job because she makes it work so well for Simon and Baz.

18. Shahid Kapoor & Ishaan Khattar


Name a book with some fantastic fictional siblings


Devon and Foster have a fraughty relationship at the beginning of First and Then, but as the book progresses, they grow closer and it’s one of the most wonderful parts of this story.

19. Deepika Padukone


Name a book with positive mental health representation


I’ve only read one book by Holly Bourne, Am I Normal Yet? and this has one of the most realistic portrayal of OCD I’ve read in my limited bibliography.

20. Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi


Name some of your most anticipated releases of 2019

This is a long list and half my Goodreads TBR shelf contains 2019 releases, but my most anticipated ones are King of Scars and The Tiger at Midnight.

21. Karan Johar


Name an iconic author

Arthur conan doyle

KJo is a celebrity icon and I love him, so I had to think hard how to answer this one. But I have no choice ultimately, because Sir Arthur Conan Doyle‘s Sherlock has shaped my reading life more than any other character.

22. (BONUS) Select your favourite Bollywood film & or performer (or even song) and create a question



Name a book or series(or author) that literally blew your mind


First, I’m going to shamelessly plug one of the earliest posts from my blog about my favorite movie ever – Baahubali (click here for link). I wrote it with a lot of love but no one ever read it πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ but if you have a lot of patience, feel free to check it out.

Befitting the masterpiece that is Baahubali, I am going to choose two brilliant authors: Β Leigh Bardugo and Robert Jackson Bennett, whose scale and depth of worldbuilding just amazes me every single time. If you love fantasy, then you have to pick up their books, because I promise you, you are missing out on all the fun.

I TAG: Please feel free to ignore if you are not interested. And anyone not tagged, I would love it if you wanna do it and link back to me.

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    1. Thank you so much Lily… S&S was my first Austen Book, so it’s always been special 😊😊😊 And because I didn’t own a lot of books in those days, I reread that book countless times πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      The wait for King of Scars is horrible.. I just want it already 😭😭😭

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  1. Thank you so much for doing this tag! I’m almost in tears, and like this made my Friday. *blinks away tears* Your the first person to actually do one of my original tags, and that means the world to me. Also, Baahubali is one of my favourite movies as well, so unrealistic, but yet so good.

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    1. Thank you for creating this tag Tova.. it was so much fun to do 😊😊😊 I also enjoyed browsing for all those lovely pictures…
      Baahubali is my all time favorite especially because I’ve been a diehard fan of Prabhas for a long time now… I spend most of the movie just staring at him 😍😍😍


        1. Haha I know .. Ranveer is a huge Govinda fan πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
          Prabhas’s movies, you should definitely watch Mirchi first… that’s another favorite of mine… After that you can watch Darling or Billa or Mr. Perfect…


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