T5W: Largest Books on my TBR

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Samantha and you can get more details at the Goodreads group.

We all have lots and lots of books on our TBRs, so it’s always difficult making such short lists. And that is why, I have decided to only include those big books from my TBR which haven’t released yet but I hope will turn out to be amazing.


The longest on my TBR with 720 pages and the longest I have probably waited for a book, Queen of Air and Darkness is one of the most anticipated books of 2018. I remember weeping uncontrollably towards the end of Lord of Shadows and I am petrified what’s gonna happen this time.


Despite being quite disappointed with Furyborn, I have not given up on the series yet and I really want to know what will happen in Kingsbane. And it’s another big one with 576 pages.

The woman's war

I’m so glad I stumbled upon The Women’s War by chance because nothing feels more interesting than a feminist fantasy in the current environment. And I’m so so excited because I have the ARC and I hope I will love this one.

Lady smoke

A debut this year that was not awesome but still left an impression on me is Ash Princess and I’m really excited for Lady Smoke. I’m also a huge fan of the author Laura on social media. And isn’t this cover just gorgeous!!!!


Another book that I just happened to discover on Edelweiss and also managed to snag an ARC is Pride, Prejudice and Other Flavors. I’m super excited for this one because books with Indian Americans are rare and I feel such joy when I get the chance to read their stories. And I also hope that as the title indicates, this book has some P&P vibes.

What are some of your largest books? Are any of my books on your tbr too?

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    1. Ikr.. it’s almost an Year and a half worth of agony and 1 more month to go 😭😭😭
      I’m actually not surprised to find it so huge because LoS was also quite heavy to hold for long periods of time 😂😂😂

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