TTT: Best Platonic Relationships

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This is definitely one of the most fun posts I’ve written in some time. When I started noting down all my favorite friendships and other platonic relationships, the list went on and on and I really had a hard time cutting it down. But these are some of my favorite non-romantic relationships in the books that I read this year and I’m so excited that I get to share them with you.

Frances and Aled


Radio Silence is one of the most profound and contemplative books I read this year and the friendship between Aled and Frances is so beautiful. They call each other platonic soulmates and I think that’s just the perfect way to describe them. It’s one of those books that speaks to the importance of friendships in our life and I absolutely love it.

Dorian and Chaol


This is one of the best bromances ever and the reunion scene of theirs in Kingdom of Ash is certainly my favorite one in the book. They just love each other so much and it felt so good to see them meet each other in better circumstances than the end of Queen of Shadows.

Inej and Nina


The two strongest female characters in SoC and CK and it’s lovely to see them support and protect each other and be the best at what they do. They also don’t take any bullshit from any male characters and always stand by each other which is awesome. And who can ever forget Nina and Inej’s love for waffles…!!!!

Sancia and Clef


This is THE most unusual relationship in this list because what can there be between a human and a sentient key, but that’s the talent that Robert Jackson Bennett displays in Foundryside. They develop such a wonderful friendship and the ending just broke my heart.

Jason and Jackson


Even before Jason meets Addie, the bond that he forms with little Jackson is amazing and they have some of the cutest conversations ever. Change of Hart may be a romance novel, but it’s heart is definitely the developing father-son relationship

Logan and Cole


For two brothers who didn’t know the other existed until the age of eighteen and despite finding out about the despicable actions of their father, the way they work to forge their relationship – both personal and professional is just wonderful. Temptations series is a great erotic romance but I love the way family dynamics are written and how integral they are to the plot.

Damen and Nikandros

Captive Prince / Prince’s Gambit / King’s Rising

Captive Prince trilogy is one of my favorite fantasies of this year and it’s such a great mix of romance, political intrigue and action. However, one of the standouts for me is the relationship between Damen and Nik. Damen may be the king, but they are also childhood friends and more like brothers and it’s especially nice when Nik is teasing and giving advice to Damen. It’s great to see a relationship where the position of the person relative to the other doesn’t affect the love and friendship.

Misha and Issac


Misha is the broody coach and Issac is the flamboyant player in the team, but it develops into so much more. Misha is so protective of Issac and wants his life to be so much better than his own, almost like a father taking care of his son. And Issac gets the security and acceptance of a family, one he never got from his own. This whole series by Avon Gale is a great set of hockey romances with wonderful characters, but Misha and Issac definitely have left a mark on my mind.

Summer and Brenna


Now this is what you call insta-friendship — the one where you know you are going to be best friends right at your first meeting. I absolutely loved the friendship of Summer and Brenna in The Chase and their conversations are some of the sassiest ever. They are quite opposite in nature, but very strong in their own ways and complement each other really well.

Theo and Leone


In Leo loves Aries, Leone is a disabled character and Theo is very protective of his sister, but he is also very helpful in making sure that leads an independent life. His meddlesome ways in her love life obviously blow up in his face, but they are always there for each other and supportive of all their choices.

Nick and Bobby


Frankly speaking, the whole of Fence is full of some of the most amazing friendships – especially Harvard/ Aidan and Tanner/Kally – but they’ve also known each other for a long time. The one that actually develops through the course of the series is between Nicholas and Bobby. Nick has never really had friends before, so it’s nice to see him open up a little with Bobby. And Bobby is definitely Nick’s biggest cheerleader. The sheer positivity that Bobby brings to their friendship is just delightful and exactly what Nick needs.

Do you like any of the relationships I have mentioned here? What are some of your favorites? Please feel free to share your recommendations with me !!!!

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