The ABC Book Challenge | “N”

I’m back again with the next letter in this series and hope you all are having fun reading my posts.

Memorable Books Starting With “N”

Definitely the one fantasy that completely blew my mind this year, Nevernight is delightfully bloody, full of thrills and a Hogwarts style assassin school that will captivate you from the get go.

An autobiographical novel of one Jewish woman’s struggle for survival and the lengths that she will go to remain alive, The Nazi Officer’s Wife is brutal and mesmerising and heartbreaking all at once.

If you like your X-Men movies, then Not Your Sidekick is the perfect book to read. Set in a futuristic US with many superheroes, this book is fun, entertaining, wonderfully diverse with great friendships and a super cute sapphic romance.

The best feminist YA novel I have ever read, The Nowhere Girls is a very empowering book that everyone should read and has great conversations on the rape culture in today’s society.

Books Starting With “N” On My TBR

I still didn’t get the chance to continue the series, but I think Not Your Villain will be equally as fun as the first one.

Poison Study is one of my favorite YA trilogies and I really want to get to the second trilogy soon starting with Night Study, because I can never get enough of Yelena and Valek.

I actually don’t know a lot about Nirvana Is Here, but the premise seems interesting and I’m quite excited to have received the ARC.

Have you read any of these books? Please share your thoughts and any other recommendations you might have for me !!!!

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