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As soon as I saw this tag on Hadeer @ Cairene Librarian ‘s blog, I just knew I had to do it – because nothing describes me better than as a Book Addict. So, this tag is just perfect for my blog. Please make sure  you checkout her blog for more awesome posts about books and TV shows….

What is the longest amount of time you can comfortably go without picking up a book?

Even when I’m a bad reading slump and in no mood to pick up any new book, I spend atleast some part of the day rereading an old favorite. So, I can certainly say that I don’t like going more than a day without reading something.

How many books do you carry on your person (or kindle) at any one time?

I don’t like carrying physical books with me because I already have my devices and notebooks. So, Kindle it is. And that always has lots and lots of unread books on it.

Do you keep every book you buy/receive or are you happy to pass them on to make space for more?

I have only started buying physical books a year ago, so I still have most of them. But when we do move cities or states, I like donating some to the library.

How long would you spend in a bookshop on a standard visit?

If I decide to visit a bookstore, I make sure I atleast have 2-3 hours to browse leisurely. Anything less than that would make me unsatisfied.

How much time per day do you actually spend reading?

On a good day, I like to spend atleast 4-5 hours reading. Anything more and I’m very very happy.

Where does the task ‘picking up a book’ appear on your daily to-do list?

I don’t make to-do lists ever because I am not a planner. But if I ever did, reading would atleast be in the top three.

How many books do you reckon you own in total (including e-books)?

Most of my books are on kindle and a few physical books now. The total should be somewhere around 200-250.

Approximately how often do you bring up books in conversation?

I don’t like talking books at home because no one enjoys it or appreciates it. But when I do meet new acquaintances these days, I make sure I talk about the books I read and my blog too because I have become inept at talking about anything else.

What is the biggest book (page count) you have finished reading?

There are quite a few when I check on Goodreads but the most recent one is Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas – the almost 1000 page behemoth that I almost finished in a single sitting on the day of release because I just had to know how my favorite series ends.

Is there a book you had to get your hands on against all odds (i.e. searching bookshops, online digging, etc)?

I don’t know if I’ve ever actually done that. But I remember trying to get the advance copy of From Twinkle, With Love in all possible ways but was unsuccessful.

A book you struggled to finish but refused to DNF?

This hasn’t been a problem for a long time now because I DNF books at a very alarming rate these days. But few years ago, I tried very hard to read The Alchemist even though I wasn’t enjoying it at all.

What are 3 of your main book goals for 2019?

  • Read more books and abandon them less.
  • Try to read ARCs on time.
  • Post atleast 2 reviews per week without fail.

Have you ever had the privilege of converting someone into a reader (maybe via inspiration or incessant nagging)?

I wouldn’t say I converted one of my best friends because she loved reading already. But I did nudge her to pick up more in recent times, especially by recommending books that I knew she would love.

Describe what books mean to you in five words.

Happiness. Escapism. Adventure. Knowledge. Love.

I’m not tagging anyone but please feel free to do this if you are interested….

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  1. haha, our answers are quite similar!

    Also, I actually did DNF The Alchemist a few years back. Actually, OMG, over 10 years ago now that I think about it. One of my favorite teachers gave it to me as a gift so I tried my best to finish it but I got so bored I ended up DNFing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha… that’s so cool.. I DNFd it once too, must be around 10 years ago for me as well… but those were the days I tried to not abandon books, so I tried very hard to finish.. it’s really boring 🙄🙄🙄


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