The ABC Book Challenge | “P”

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done a post in this series, so I thought it’s time I pick it up again in the New Year. So, here I am back with the letter P and I seem to have quite a high number of favorites to talk about.

Memorable Books Starting With “P”

My 300th and final read of 2018, The Poet X is a gut wrenchingly honest expression of a young woman’s feelings about dealing with the various challenges of her life as a teenager.

If you like reading the Mahabharata, you should not miss The Palace of Illusions – the epic written through the perspective of Draupadi. It’s a stunning portrayal of the lives of the women about whom we don’t talk much about.

Peter Darling is a very fun and entertaining ownvoices queer Peter Pan retelling that you should give a try if you love the classic.

I can say a lot about my love for the Captive Prince trilogy, but the book that really cemented my obsession for this was Prince’s Gambit. What wonderful characterizations throughout!!!!

I have come to love hockey romances a lot in the last year and Power Play is definitely one of my favorites.

Poison Study will always remain one of my favorite YA fantasies with a unique plotline, a badass female character and an amazing slow burn love story.

One of the earliest ARCs I read, Part Star Part Dust is a wonderful emotional multi-generational saga about lots of interconnected characters.

Books Starting With “P” On My TBR

Pride has been on my TBR for quite some time and I was quite excited to read a POC Pride and Prejudice retelling, but I haven’t been in the mood to read it yet. Sometime soon…!!!

Another upcoming book which I have the ARC for, Pride, Prejudice and Other Flavors seems like it might have some P&P vibes too and I’m always up for a romance with Indian American characters.

Have you read any of these books? Let me know what you thought about them..!!!

7 thoughts on “The ABC Book Challenge | “P”

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  1. I still haven’t read the Poison Study series and they’re sitting on my shelves since 2016 and judging me. 🙈 I also have The Palace of Illusions on my TBR but I keep putting it off because of the tiny, tiny font in there. 😜

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    1. I’ve read the first trilogy of Poison Study and it’s really a lot of fun… I still have to get to the next trilogy sometime …
      The Palace of Illusions is just wow… it’s been a few years but I remember reading it thrice because I completely fell in love with the writing 😍😍😍 And anything Mahabharata is just my jam…

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  2. The only book I’ve read is The Poet X. While I did enjoy it and gave it 4 stars it was kind of a disappointing read for me. It was so hyped that my expectations for it were high and the book didn’t reach those expectations for me. But like I said it was still an enjoyable read.

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