The ABC Book Challenge | “R”

After the difficulty of finding books for the letter Q last week, I see that I’m spoiled for choices today because I have loved many books which start with the letter R. So, let me just share all the deets with all of you.

Memorable Books Starting With “R”


I have had mixed reactions to Roan Parrish’s books but Riven was my first experience and it was a beautiful and very very emotional love story.

This is definitely the unique one in the list, but The Retreat of Western Liberalism was an interesting read which discusses the rise of populism across western democracies and what this can mean for our future.

I discovered Lily Morton in 2018 and it was a joy. I have never laughed so much before while reading romance novels and the Brit humor in both Rule Breaker and Risk Taker is very hilarious and sarcastic and just too funny.

Robbie was the book that made me sit up and notice Ella Frank and I went on to read four of the author’s series, so you can guess how much I loved this book. And I think Ella writes a lovely polyamorous relationship in this one.

Radio Silence is one book that I’ve probably talked about the most on my blog and I am completely unapologetic about it. The depiction of teenage life and friendships in this book are so realistic and wonderful and I think everyone should read this book.

I mostly read a lot of adult sports romances in 2018, but the only YA book I read was Running With Lions which was a sweet love story and had a wonderfully diverse cast.

I absolutely adore the Grisha Trilogy and wept a lot while reading Ruin and Rising – and I can’t wait to read King of Scars next.

Books Starting With “R” On My TBR


I have heard Rafe being recommended by a lot of bloggers and even though I’ve never read this author before, I’m always ready to read a book with a sweet and soft male protagonist.

The Red Scrolls of Magic is MALEC’s story and I just need it in my hands…!!!!

Another author I have never read, but Rebel Hard features characters of Indian heritage and I’m always looking for more of my representation in romance novels.

And finally comes Red, White and Royal Blue – the blurb of this book just makes me all giddy with excitement and I’m so happy I have the ARC for this one. Hopefully I’ll read it  soon.

Have you read any of these books? Do you have more recommendations for me? Please feel to leave your thoughts in the comments…

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