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It’s probably been just over a year that I started listening to audiobooks and wow have they been a godsend. Even though it’s not always easy for me to keep track of the plot or the characters while I’m listening, they are especially wonderful for rereads (which I love doing). It’s almost become a ritual now to listen to a favorite audiobook before going to sleep every night. So, let me list down some of my favorites below:

Born a crime

This is the audiobook that started it all. Born A Crime was the first one I ever listened to, the one I bought during my audible trial and it totally cemented my love for the format. And the credit should obviously go to Trevor Noah for being such a brilliant narrator. This is always my go to recommendation whenever anyone asks about audiobooks.


Him is the book that proved to me that sometimes, an audiobook can actually enhance the experience of the book. This was probably a 4 star for me when I read it for the first time, but when I listened to the amazing beautiful narration of Jacob Morgan, I was completely blown away and it instantly became a 5 star read. Both Jacob and Teddy bring such emotional depth to their narration that it just sweeps you away. Definitely the best romance audiobook I have ever listened to. And Jacob has become my favorite narrator and I always look for his audiobooks in the romance section.


Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom were the first set of books I listened to which had full cast audio and that was a game changer. It felt amazing to have these different voices for each person in the gang and it was a great listening experience.

Sherlock Stephen Fry

Sherlock Holmes is my first favorite literary character from childhood and I always want to revisit those stories, but it’s not easy because I have such a huge TBR. But this audiobook collection of all his books narrated by Stephen Fry and has a length of 62 hours is brilliantly done and though I haven’t finished it, I know I can always go back to it just to reminisce.


I turned to the audiobooks of Throne of Glass series after I finished reading them because I was completely in love and wanted an easier way to reread. And Elizabeth Evans really does a great job of bringing the characters to life.

the poet x

I never thought I would enjoy a novel in verse, so I decided to read and listen to The Poet X simultaneously. And wow was it a brilliant experience. The author narrates the story herself and the emotions she is able to evoke through her voice is brilliant and made me tear up a lot of times. Definitely deserves all the accolades it has received.

Gentleman's guide

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue was a delight to read and when I listened to it almost a year later, I realized that Christian Coulson brings a certain cheekiness and an x factor to the audiobook which just makes it much more amazing.

P&P Rosamund pike

The audible originals for the Jane Austen are actually quite well done but I haven’t listened to the others I own yet. However, Pride and Prejudice narrated by Rosamund Pike is so beautiful to listen to and she manages to showcase such variety and nuance for every character, it’s awesome.


I decided to buy the audiobook instead of the Kindle edition because I really wanted to listen to this memoir in the First Lady’s own voice. While I haven’t completed it yet, I can tell that I made the right choice and Michelle Obama brings so much emotion into her words in Becoming, it’s just amazing to listen to.


I am a fan of sci-fi but always want to try that one book (or series) which might make me love the genre. And when I saw the way this trilogy is written, I thought this might be it. But the full cast narration with effects is a completely different ball game. It’s so brilliantly done, I can’t even express how much it enhances the story. While I haven’t been able to finish Illuminae yet, I own the first two audiobooks and I am sure I will get to them soon.

Have you listened to any of these audiobooks? Did you enjoy them too…? Who are your favorite narrators? Please feel free to share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below…!!!!

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  1. I really loved the audiobook for the gentleman’s guide and becoming as well!
    Maybe I will try out the audiobook for six of crows when I’m rereading!


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  2. Michelle Obama was great on the audiobook! I think books where the author narrates and actors like Rosamund Pike are my favorites. They seem to bring the passion to the experience that just sells it more for me. Rachel McAdams narrates Anne of Green Gables and I absolutely loved that one!

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    1. I’ve observed that too… Stephen Fry does the same with Sherlock Holmes and I recently finished Karamo’s memoir and he narrates so well 😊😊


    1. I have to continue with Becoming but so many more to read too 😜😜
      And I think Poet X worked for me better when I tried reading and listening together.. it felt like an enhanced experience… Hope you’ll enjoy it too 😊😊

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