OTT: Do I Read Too Many Book Reviews?

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Off Tangent Thoughts is a bi-monthly meme created by Charvi @ Not Just Fiction that has a basic list-based format wherein bloggers express their points in the form of a short or long list with the points under the list being merely a couple lines or even complete paragraphs. 

The topic for 4th May, 2019 is: Thoughts You Have About Book Reviews or DiscussionsI absolutely love book reviews, both reading and writing them and that’s why my blog is so full of them. While I’m not exactly sure what thoughts I want to share about book reviews in general, let me list down what goes into making me decide to read a book and my review writing process.

If I decide to read a book by a favorite author (or) a very anticipated one:

  •  Read the book first and highlight the hell out of it.
  • After finishing, logon to Goodreads and checkout all my friend’s reviews of the book.
  • Comment on whichever reviews I love or the ones which reflect my thoughts. Sometimes, the ones I disagree with too but they are just awesome 🙂
  • Everytime someone I follow blogs about the book, read it thoroughly and comment to discuss our mutual feelings about it.

If I decide to pick a book which I don’t know much about:

  • Logon to Goodreads and check the rating… If it’s less than 3.8 *do I really want to read it*
  • Read a lot of 4,3, and 2 star reviews… Mostly by my friends but others too.
  • Am I okay with everything mentioned in the reviews..??? If yes, then pick up the book. Otherwise, move on.
  • Finish the book and go back to the other reviews to let them know how they helped me decide to pick up the book 😃😃

How do I write my review:

  • Have one notebook to write quotes… another notebook to write my thoughts while reading…
  • Start reading the book. Get so deeply involved in reading, completely forget about the notebooks and end up not taking any notes.
  • Thankfully, highlight some quotes on the iPad or Kindle.
  • Do I write the review right now or shall I wait for a day 🤔🤔🤔
  • Just start typing up on my Notes app – why did I want to read the book? what expectations did I have? Did it live up to them? What did I love or hate about the characters? Final Thoughts..!!!
  • Post it to Goodreads.
  • Start reading more reviews about the book….. Realize I didn’t even notice some plotholes because I was too busy mooning over the characters *bang my head on the wall*
  • Rinse and repeat this process for every book 🤩🤩🤩

Reviewing books has changed my reading habits and me personally in a lot of ways. I have become slightly more thoughtful about the kind of the books I read and like, I think I have changed my perspective about a lot of issues and I have also managed to make some friends for life through the blogging community. And I always loved the process of writing since my childhood, so it makes me very happy that I get to do it everyday.

Do you love reading and writing book reviews? Is your process in any way similar to mine? What do you look for in book reviews? Who are your favorite book reviewers that you want me to checkout? Please share your thoughts in the comments below….

8 thoughts on “OTT: Do I Read Too Many Book Reviews?

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  1. I love your reviews and your notebook thing is 💯 mood. Since I started writing reviews I realised I went through the similar changes you mentioned. This post is really fun and I loved your tone on this post!!!!!!!!

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    1. Thanks a lot Dany… I try too hard to sound funny so I’m glad you thought it was okay 😊😊 And the notebook is really hilarious… I don’t even bother with them anymore because I know I won’t stop reading 😂😂😂😂 but I won’t stop buying the notebooks either 😁😁

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This post was more of the reflection of the You I actually know honestly. I didn’t think it took you too hard to sound fun. Amazing post and again , I loved the tone of this one

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  2. This post is so perfect! Also wow you’re so invested before actually reading a book, I never dosouch research. And I think it’s really sweet of you to go back and let the reviewers know how they helped you ❤️


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  3. I’m super wary about reading full length reviews of books I haven’t read yet, especially by someone who I know has different tastes than me because I don’t want that to impact how I enjoy the book when I get to it. Like if I read that someone didn’t like a certain aspect I’ll have that in the back of my mind and think about it until I see it in the book. If I’m on the fence about checking out or buying a book I’ll usually just check goodreads to see the book’s overall rating and what my friends think about it. I love this post, it really made me think about how I use reviews to make decisions!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohh thank you so much.. that’s so sweet of you 😊😊😊 it’s taken me a while to figure out the friends whose reviews I should read before I pick up a book… but I totally agree with what you mentioned… I’ve seen reviews where they didn’t like something about it and I kept wondering how I would react to the same thing… but finally, I’m just so thankful for reviews… I don’t really like surprises, so having an idea before I jump into a book feels good to me and I love all the reviewers for making that happen 😊😊😊


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