TTT: Books from my Favorite Genre – Fantasy

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It’s been a while since I have done a Top Ten Tuesday list but I can never resist talking about my favorite fantasy novels of all time. Most of the books listed below are ones which I always gush about in my blog, and you are all probably bored reading about them all the time, but I just can’t help it. However, I’m gonna try to avoid mentioning series but select my favorite book within it. And I love all of them a lot and they are my go to choices for rereads, so they are not listed in any particular order. Let’s get started….


While I can list down any book from the Harry Potter series, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for the Order of the Phoenix. This is the first time we see a more wider resistance against Voldemort and I really enjoyed reading about it. And the character of Dolores Umbridge makes it a very unforgettable book.


I have come to love the Shadowhunter universe over the years, but it was definitely the Clockwork Princess which impressed me the most (before some of the recent releases). Even thinking about that ending brings tears to my eyes, and there’s no better testament to a book. And I also love when a love triangle is done well, and this book is just perfect.


I just stumbled upon this series and specifically the first book City of Stairs while googling for best fantasy novels. I was very new to blogging at the time and had no clue about any trends or hyped books. So, reading this was definitely a very pure and unbiased experience and I was completely blown away. Bennett creates a stunning world and conflict in this book and the whole story is a commentary on oppression, featuring an amazing heroine. I highly recommend this book to any fantasy lover.


The Wrath and the Dawn is on my favorites list more for it’s romance and the couple rather than the fantasy, but it’s very very memorable. I devoured this book and totally felt the angst, the stunning quotes melted my heart and I finally found a reason to jump back into the romance genre. The 1001 Nights inspired world building also made me feel very nostalgic.


I adore the Grishaverse books and I have read all of them multiple times, but Crooked Kingdom is truly special. Kaz’s brilliance, Inej’s strength, the stunningly fast paced plot and the development of all the romances just blew me away and cemented this as a favorite among the favorites.


When I finished A Court of Mist and Fury and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind for almost a month, I truly understood what a book hangover meant for the first time. It has awesome action, swoony and steamy romance and an amazing group of characters. I probably reread it a half dozen times before even thinking of picking another book.


Throne of Glass is my all time favorite fantasy series but the one book I love more than the others is Queen of Shadows. It is both dark and entertaining, has some of the best action sequences ever, lots of sexual tension and a very satisfactory ending. I have lost count how many times I have reread it and I know I will read it again. It’s really that wonderful.


Remnant Chronicles is another trilogy where both the fantasy and the romance wowed me, but it’s the finale which completely amazed me. These are characters who deeply love each other but also put the welfare of their kingdoms and people before their own, and I was very moved by this. The Beauty of Darkness made me weep a lot of times, even during reread, but it’s all worth it.


This trilogy has my heart but it was Prince’s Gambit that actually stole it. This book gave me one of the best and most satisfying slow burn romances ever and I can never forget it. The character development for both Damen and Laurent is also phenomenally written and it’s a joy to reread it over and over again.


Foundryside is another brilliant series starter by Robert Jackson Bennett and it was very unsurprising that it turned out to be my favorite book of 2018. It has a very interesting world as I expected, but it’s the wonderfully unique magic system in the book called Scriving which completely steals the show. I’m totally in awe of it and the wait for the sequel is going to be torturous, but hopefully I’ll manage by rereading this one.

What do you think of my favorite fantasy novels? Do you consider any of these your favorites too? Do you have more recommendations for me based on this list? Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments below…

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  1. Okay your list is fabulous lol!!! I love TWATD, ACOMAF, QoS, Beauty of Darkness, etc. I have yet to read Cassandra Clare though. Hopefully one day!

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    1. Thank you Jess… Fantasies with great romances are definitely some of my most favorites ❤️❤️
      I hope you do get to read Cassandra Clare… I may not like all of them but the universe is definitely awesome 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not that big a fan of the whole series but completely adore ACOMAF ❤️❤️❤️
      You have to finish the trilogy.. I’m waiting to see how you’ll react to the end 😁😁😁

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    1. I think I liked the dark turn that HP took with these books too….
      and I hope you reread Wrath and the Dawn.. i took my time savoring it during the reread 😊😊😊

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  2. Great choices! I definitely have Harry Potter, Six of Crows and Shadowhunters on my list as well! I also read Throne of Glass, but haven’t continued, so I really have to do that! I also read the book in the Remnant Chronicles and I absolutely loved it, but I never finished and I don’t know why!!! Definitely have to pick it up again!

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