Guess That Book by the Cover

Whether we buy a book or not, it’s undeniable that the first impression the cover leaves on us plays a very important part in our decision to read the book or even ultimately buy it. Some of us also buy a book just because of how beautiful it looks, even if we aren’t really sure if we want to read it. The covers also manage to create expectations in us and that probably affects our enjoyment of the book too. And that’s why I’m here with this fun bookish game that was created by Charvi @ Not Just Fiction. Do checkout her blog for more amazing and fun bookish content.

How It Works

So I will try to describe the book covers in a few sentences and you will try to guess which book I’m talking about! All these books are 2019 releases, already out or upcoming. You click on ‘Show Answer’ for the cover to be revealed.

So.. Let’s start the game !!!!!!

Description: On a bright blue and purple background, a woman looking towards the sky, surrounded by various mythological creatures with the base as Chichen Itza.

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Gods of jade and shadow

Description: A person with a skull mask and a bloody sword, surrounded by lots of bones and skeletons.

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Gideon the Ninth

Description: A young woman in a flowy black gown, wearing a golden headgear that covers her eyes like a mask, with shadows emanating behind her along with some shadow creatures.

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Description: On an icy landscape, a snake is moving towards a broken crown and there seem to be some frozen droplets of blood on the side.

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The Queen of Nothing

Description: In front of a palace surrounded by flames and lots of crows flying above, stands a person with a cape on and arms outstretched.

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The Merciful Crow

Description: In front of a huge gilded gate stands a girl with long fiery red hair full of autumn leaves, holding a beautiful golden sword.

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Chain of gold

Description: On a hardwood backdrop, there is a latte with a heart drawn on it along with a slice of yummy cake.

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small town hearts

Description: On a purple silk cloth, among a lighted candle and sage and lavender, there are multiple tarot cards with the pictures of the female characters from the book.

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these witches dont burn

Description: A boy and a dog are pictured on the cover (but sideways) and post-it notes with his various identities are stuck on his body.

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So.. what did you think of this game? How many were you able to guess correctly? Let me know if you had fun…!!!

36 thoughts on “Guess That Book by the Cover

Add yours

    1. I was waiting to do this since you created it coz it’s such fun 😍😍😍😍 I wish you had known more of them but one isn’t bad 😜😜😜


  1. I had tons of fun!!!! Sadly, I didn’t know all of the books so it took me a while to realize that I might not be going anywhere with my thinking haha, but the books I did know were explained very well!!!! I’d love to see more of those games!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Your descriptions were perfect. I saw them and went UGH I KNOW THIS!!
        DID GUESS THE MERCIFUL CROW!! But IDK why I presumed it was the Spanish cover. Omg have you seen the Spanish cover ?

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Vochuuuuu!! Daddy is Telugu! Nenu chepaledha? Monna Mathangi, Gayathri, Pavithraa and Shruti ni kalisaanu. Apudu I was asking “Someone in our group knows Telugu, who is it?”
            Mathangi said “Sahi.”
            Ahana: *sits up*

            HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS.

            COME HERE *smothers you*

            Liked by 1 person

          2. Ohhh wow sounds awesome and I’m glad you had fun meeting them all 😍😍😍 We shall meet when I come to India and you can smother me all you want 🤗🤗🤗

            Liked by 1 person

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