Read-India-Thon: Sign-Up and TBR

Next week is India’s Independence Day and I always have this feeling that there’s not much I can do to celebrate this wonderful day because I don’t live in India anymore. So, it was a wonderful feeling to find out about another Indian literature based readathon taking place during this week. It’s being hosted by Shantala @ Shanaya Tales and you can find all the details about Read-India-Thon by clicking here.

The readathon is taking place from Aug 11-17th and it has 3 challenges:

  1. Read a book by an Indian author
  2. Read an Indian book under 24 hours
  3. Read a book with the Indian Tri-Color on the cover

I’m not sure how many of these challenges I will be able to complete but I’m definitely gonna be trying for 1 & 2. And below are a couple of the books on my TBR.


This one has been on my TBR for quite a while now, but it released in the US very recently and I had to purchase it immediately. I will definitely be reading this one for the readathon. I hope this one qualifies for challenge 3 as well because I spot some saffron (somewhere) along with a good dose of white and green.


I totally forgot that I got this book from the library and I have to return it in 2 days, so this is definitely gonna be my first read for this readathon. And I have a feeling I should be able to read it within 24 hours, because the first book The Widows of Malabar Hill was also a very fast paced read.

Below are some other books that I own but havent planned to read anytime soon. But if I do find time this week or am in the mood, I might pick up one of these too.

I’m very excited I’m getting to participate in this Read-India-Thon and I hope some of my friends in the book community are too…. Let me know if you have any other recommendations for me.

8 thoughts on “Read-India-Thon: Sign-Up and TBR

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  1. This is so awesome! And such great picks! I haven’t read any of these books. Though I have been DYING to read Sita. So I’d love to know how you find it.

    Honestly I wanted to buy it as soon as it released in India, but at that time it did not release here in US. And then when it did release, I was on a book-buying ban. Sigh.

    So consider this fair warning, but I am totally planning to live vicariously through you. 😀

    Oh and I definitely see saffron on there – near the R of Chitra. So you are definitely cool for the tri-color challenge. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thank you for confirming the saffron thing 😂😂😂
      And I’m very excited to read this book and I’ll totally let you know how I feel about it 😊😊😊 … I actually bought the kindle edition during amazon prime day deals, so bought quite a few that day…


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