TTT: Character Traits I Love

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I’m someone who loves characters a lot… I mean, a loooootttttt !!!! I can even excuse no plot, bad writing or any other issues if the author can make me feel invested in the characters. So, this week’s topic felt perfect for me. However, it turns out I actually don’t know what I love in my characters. I only have a couple of things to talk here, so let’s get started 🙂

A Character who is kind of a know-it-all and completely owns it


Hermione is obviously the first one who comes to mind. She may initially seem like someone who is just book smart and knows all useless facts, but it’s her knowledge that comes in handy when the trio is in trouble.

red white and royal blue

Alex from RWRB is not a know-it-all in the same sense as Hermione, but he is very knowledgeable particularly about history and politics, and loves showing it off to Henry.

I really love it when people are valued and cherished for their knowledge, and so it’s no surprise that Hermione and Alex are some of my most favorite characters ever.

Soft Cinnamon roll male characters

the right swipe

Sam from The Right Swipe may be a retired football player but he is the softest kind hearted person in the book, and I don’t think anyone else would have made a good partner for Rhiannon.


August from This Savage Song may be a literal “monster”, but he is also the softest boy around.

red white and royal blue

Henry is probably not exactly an adorable cinnamon roll but compared to Alex, he is very soft and brought a lot of protective instincts out of me.


A very recent addition to my list, Silas from Superfan might be an awesome hockey player but he is also the sweetest and most supportive guy around and I loved him so much.

Take Charge Female characters

the girl of fire and thorns 1

Elisa from The Girl of Fire and Thorns is someone who is forced to take charge of her destiny when she is kidnapped, but the way she grows from there is a treat to read about.


Lady Tea of the Bone Witch trilogy is a badass necromancer and when others don’t listen to her, she decides to take matters into her own hands and fights for what she believes in.


Obviously this list won’t be complete without Aelin (particularly the way she handles everything in Queen of Shadows ), who is my Queen and I love her so much.

Trained fighters/assassins


Mia from Nevernight learns all her murdering skills in the Red Church and the training that she goes through is fascinating to read about.

red sister

I may not be a huge fan of the plot of Red Sister, but meeting assassin nuns like Nona and the others was a lot of fun.

Dance of Thieves_FINAL 9.18

Kazi from Dance of Thieves is a member of the Rahtan, the legendary assassins of Venda and I love it when she puts all her talents to use.

Book Lovers

And this is definitely my most favorite character trait – I instantly connect to characters who adore books as much as I do.


Celaena and Dorian from Throne of Glass always come to mind first, because they connect to each other over their shared love of the written word and that’s what endeared me to them as well. I just want to be best friends with them and gush about books.


Elisabeth from Sorcery of Thorns is another one who loves her books and even the magical grimoires in this world seem to want to talk to her, and I love that she takes up a sword to fight to keep the Great Libraries from getting destroyed.


Claire from The Library of the Unwritten is not only Hell’s Librarian (what a cool job title), she was also an aspiring author in her previous life and has a very deep rooted love for books, but never displays it openly. Her relationship with the books and their characters is really fascinating to read about.

Do you like any of these characters or traits as well? What are some others character traits that you love? Do share your recommendations of books whose characters you think I might love….

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  1. I love quite a few of these character traits too (: I especially seem to like books with strong female characters lately – although maybe that’s also because quite a few amazing ones are out there. and I think a lot of book lovers fall for characters who share their love of fiction 😊

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