Most Anticipated Releases of November

It’s almost the beginning of another new month and I’m excited to share all my anticipated releases of November. Turns out that the number is going to be on the lesser side this time, probably because all my most anticipated books of this year have already released and now I just have to read them all. Anyways, let me get started with this list.

Color outside the lines

This is one of the ARCs I have received for this month, but it’s also one I have been very excited to read for a long time. Featuring a lot of marginalized authors, this is an anthology of interracial love stories which is absolutely brilliant, and if you are a fan of reading romances with diverse characters, you can’t miss this one.

Girls of storm and shadow

Girls of Paper and Fire was a riveting read and I’m all excited to see what’s gonna happen to this amazing couple next.


An alpha male jock who joins a romance book club to learn how to save his crumbling marriage – isn’t that a fantastic premise…!!!!! I am very very curious to know how this book turns out to be.


Empire of Sand is an amazingly popular book and Tasha is a delightful author, so it’s awesome that she is writing a companion novel for her debut. And her book covers are always so gorgeous.

The Queen of Nothing

This is obviously most of the book community’s widely anticipated finale, and while I’m not as excited as all of them, I definitely wanna know what’s gonna happen to Jude and Cardan.. particularly after that cliffhanger ending of The Wicked King.

Are you anticipating these books as well? Have you already read any of them and if so, how did you feel? What are some other wonderful books that are releasing this month? Do let me know all your thoughts…

32 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Releases of November

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  1. Colour outside the lines sounds like a powerful anthology so I’m excited to see what people think of it!!
    Also I heard of The Bromance Club and I was so intrigued, it is such an unique idea that I was definitely curious and I’ve heard so good things. It sounds like a light, fun read!!
    Lots of great books, happy reading!! 🙂

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    1. Ohh I loved Color outside the lines so much… a couple of the stories left me sobbing….
      and yes, I’m hoping Bromance book club will be a light hearted fun read too… can’t wait for its release..
      Happy reading to you too !!!

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  2. I can’t wait for Queen Of Nothing and I really want to get on with Girls Of Paper & Fire soon! I’m really looking forward to quite a few books this month but like with you the number is less than it’s been in previous month’s. And, unless I find some more December releases before the end of November, my last list of the year is going to be tiny 😅

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    1. I think my December list has 3 books only.. so it’s pretty tiny.. but all my anticipated ones have already released, so that’s okay.. I just hope I’m able to get to them all…
      And I hope you’ll enjoy QoN a lot 😃😃😃

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