TTT: My Favorite Bookmarks

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish that now has a new home at That Artsy Reader Girl.

I hardly have any merchandise associated with books because I can’t afford a lot of them, but I always feel jealous when I see bookstagrammers post beautiful pictures of everything that they own. However, I do love collecting whatever I can and I would love to share with you all some of the bookmarks which I own and absolutely adore.


Ofcourse I have to start with this set of character bookmarks from Throne of Glass because I love them all so much, and I gifted these to myself for my birthday last year :).


Another SJM related bookmark, this is my favorite Court of Dreams from ACOTAR and I know I could have colored this one, but I’m too lazy for that.





I may not have read about Einstein in a long while now but this quote is just perfect. And every time we move to a different city, the first thing I look for is the location of the nearest library.









I may not have ever read Matilda but this quote is exactly what is going through my head every time I finish a book. I actually always end up spending more time deciding what to read than actually reading it.







This is actually a very very cute little holiday themed bookmark which I removed from it’s packaging, just to take a picture for this post. I would never use it because it seems a bit delicate and I wouldn’t wanna ruin it.





I absolutely adore the LOTR movies but I couldn’t find any bookmarks for them, so I had to settle for one about the Hobbit. But it has Legolas and I couldn’t deny myself the opportunity to stare at his gorgeous face.









I may not like GRRM’s books but I love the Game of Thrones TV show. And while I can’t tell you if this quote is from the books, I think it’s completely accurate and I would choose books over sleep any day.









Another set of bookmarks I have never removed the packaging of, these four are absolutely adorable and I always need them displayed on my shelf, not hiding inside books.







These aren’t bookmarks but page flags, however they are so cute looking that I could never use them. But when I saw them first in the store, I picked up immediately coz it was the last one available. Aren’t they just lovely…!!!!

What do you think of my little collection? Do you like collecting bookmarks and other merchandise as well? Where do you usually find them? Let me know all your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below…

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  1. Cute bookmarks (: and I’m glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t read Matilda 😅 I brought a few bookmarks that I thought were pretty earlier this year but I don’t have any bookish ones. Or merchandise in general tbh. I love the HP mugs that I saw on one book box though but the shipping for it was ridiculous so I had to be good and not buy one 😦 I think mugs and bookmarks are my fave to look at though and what I’m most likely to get as I know I’d use them. That and possibly jewellery as I kind of like the idea of having a deathly hallows or timeturner necklace

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    1. I love all the merch that I see in book boxes unboxing videos too and it makes me want to buy but as you said, they are too pricey 😬😬😬
      I like bookish mugs too, so I bought two of them once and have refrained from buying anymore since then…
      Bookmarks are actually useless for me because I hardly read physical books but I still love the fandom stuff and colorful ones..
      Jewelry seems like a cool idea… time turner ha 🤔🤔 that’ll probably look cool…

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      1. Yeah they are pretty expensive. I almost got one earlier this year as it’s theme was ‘vampires’ and the book was one that I was desperate for. But I was good and just brought the book instead in the end. I still need to look up unboxings of that box so hopefully I won’t regret my decision as the postage part of that one wasn’t too bad.
        I really want some but I only ever seem to see them on Instagram, never much in store /: the closest I have atm is a fairy mug :L
        Ah they are pretty though (: and cost less and take up less space too than a lot of other merchandise.
        I’d love it if they made a small, delicate looking one; not so much a massive one. If so it would probably be ridiculously expensive though 😦

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        1. I got tempted and bought a few boxes maybe an year ago.. that’s where some of my bookmarks are from.. otherwise my magnetic ones and page flags and stuff is from the bookstore.. can’t resist buying something if I actually touch it with my hands 😂😂😂
          I bought my book mugs on society6 website… never used them though.. love them too much 😍😍
          Ohh I totally agree… the necklaces need to be small and cute.. but I have a feeling they would be expensive either way, especially if it’s a popular fandom like HP or Shadowhunters or GoT…

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          1. Ooh can’t say I blame you. I expect I’ll give into the temptation sooner or later as well. I can understand that. I’m surprised by how little I’ve actually brought in store lately tbh.
            Thanks I’ll look it up (: and I get that. I love Wrensdale mugs but I’m kind of too scared to buy any in case I drop them :L
            Yes I expect so. Those sort of things usually are unfortunately.

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          2. I’ve placed my mugs on the bookshelf and don’t ever remove them from their spot 😂😂😂 Too scared of my clumsy hands …
            if you do give in to temptation, hope you’ll get whatever lovely merch you are really looking for 👍👍👍

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          3. We have clumsy hands in common then 😅 I recently got an Alice In Wonderland teapot and got someone else to put it on a shelf downstairs for me as I didn’t trust myself not to knock it over 🙈
            Thank you (:

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          4. Haha … I try to be very mindful of the mugs when I’m removing any books from the shelf…. but I literally plant myself in front of it if any kids are visiting 😂😂😂

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          5. I don’t blame you 😅 it’s awful when something special to you gets broken. I’d probably end up moving my breakables up to a higher shelf out of reach then drop them when moving them back to their usual place later 🙈 I always worry I’ll drop something fragile when dusting too.

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          6. I’ll slip anyway even if the surface is okay… I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve hit my shoulder on a wall because I can’t seem to able to walk straight 😂😂😂

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          7. I actually lost track of how many times I tripped one summer and hurt my ankle. Although that wasn’t entirely my fault; there seemed to be a lot of holes hidden beneath the grass that kept catching my foot. I’m kind of glad that I’m not the only clumsy one though 😂

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