TTT: My Favorite Notebooks and Book Journals

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Today is a freebie topic, so I thought I’ll share a bit about myself. I usually read a lot of ebooks and more recently, audiobooks as well but I’m not someone who buys a lot of physical books. Ironically, I am very much enamored by good looking notebooks and I buy them so impulsively that I have a huge collection of them, and most of them remain empty even after years. So, I thought I would show you some of the favorite notebooks, review journals and planners that I own.


This is probably one of the very few books that I actually ended up writing in because it’s very bookish with amazing pictures, author’s birthdays and some nice author illustrations. And I enjoyed the process of noting down what book I was reading everyday, and keep track of all the release dates.


This is the one I’m currently using quite extensively and hope to continue the next year as well. I love the weekly and monthly views in this one, and I think writing down my planned blog schedule in this one has really helped me keep track of my ARCs, reviews and any other posts I want to write.


This was the first review journal I bought a while ago, so you can see that it looks a bit battered. It has a lot of space to record my thoughts about the books I’m reading and lots of interesting graphics where I can write down bookish lists. I own a lot of review journals, but this is the one I have used the most.


This is a little reading journal which is like the physical representation of Goodreads. I can keep track of books, the rating and a small note of what I felt about it. It also has some space for noting down my TBR. However, I think I’ve only written down a couple of pages in this one.


Not that I needed another review journal, but when I visited the amazing Strand bookstore in New York, I discovered this on a shelf and couldn’t resist buying. It has the space to note down book details, plot notes, character notes, my favorite quotes from the book and the other books by the author on my TBR. I haven’t started using it but I will, someday…


This is a very recent addition to my collection but I had to buy it because I found it to be quite unique. It has different sections for each genre, and for every book of the genre, there are specific questions which I can answer and then probably use them to write a more coherent review. I have’t started using this one either, but I think it’ll be helpful particularly for books where I feel I don’t have a lot to say.


This one is just a plain ruled notebook but it’s gorgeous looking and most of the pages inside have the same illustration of The Eiffel Tower in the background and I love it. I currently use this one to note down my TBR’s for any readathons or challenges, books that come to my notice which I may want to read in the future, and any lists that I want to make which might become future posts.


This is a travel journal and it’s full of pages to record our adventures and lots of common information that might be useful if we are traveling in various countries. I have used it a bit but my travel days have been very few and far between in the recent times, so it’s just been languishing on my shelf.


If you have ever seen the Rad Women series of books, you might recognize this one. Its a plain journal but has some amazing motivational prompts for women, and also beautiful illustrations of badass inspirational women from all around the globe.


This has to be the most gorgeous notebook I own. Its part coloring book, part of it is full of prompts to write in and also lots of interesting motivational quotes. It’s just so beautiful and pretty that I feel that I will spoil it by writing in it. So, it’s still in it’s pristine condition after years. Maybe I will use it someday though. Maybe I’ll find it helpful when I need some self-care in the future.

Did you like my collection of notebooks? Do you have any such obsession of retail therapy too? Do let me know what you love purchasing impulsively and if you have any such similar notebooks too…


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  1. Wow! That’s definitely an impressive collection of notebooks and journals! I didn’t know you read more of e-book though.. that was a revelation😊
    I just have two journals as of now, one a Harry Potter gryffindor one which I had bought from the Harry Potter tour in UK, and which has been all written in and another a plain ruled notebook with a green cover that says ‘epic shit’ which I currently use to note down quotes and brief thoughts on books I’ve read etc😊

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    1. Prachi.. I’m so impulsive when it comes to notebooks and journals. Can’t control myself 😂😂 After I scheduled this blog post, I bought 2 more and I have another 2 coming in the mail today 😬😬😬 this is getting out of hand 😂😂😂
      I just love them so much and I want to write .. but I also want to keep them pristine and neat… it just makes no sense why I do this …
      And yes.. I read almost exclusively ebooks.. this year probably has had more audiobooks than physical ones too… gotten used to digital now 😊😊😊

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      1. Hahaha I understand these impulses.. I have them with a lot of other things. Paperback or hardbacks books currently. It’s like I go to a book fair or a book shop and just can’t control buying a new book! Lol

        Do you miss the paper books though? Like seeing them or holding them when you go to a book store?😊 I have moved from paper books to kindle to now a mix of all mediums. But I do spend more on the paper books lately I guess..

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        1. Ohh book fairs used to be my favorite thing in India because those were the only places I could be surrounded by books 😍😍😍
          Even now, I love spending hours in a bookstore but I don’t buy physical books.. I’ve bought exactly 4 this year I think, lot more notebooks though 😂😂 they are just so expensive.. I already have a bookshelf full of them and no more space.. and we don’t know when we will have to move, and I hate moving all these books… it’s a pain 😬😬😬

          I think I was never attached to physical books a lot because I could never afford them much… and as soon as I went to college, I got used to reading ebooks on my computer and I just continued.. buying a kindle years later was just a natural extension 😊😊😊

          But my mom still bemoans the heaps of books I left with her because I couldn’t stop buying when I got my first job 😂😂😂

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          1. Tell me about it- the woes of hoarding things and the difficulty of moving them. I had tried to make a conscious decision a EE years back to switch predominantly to kindle and online mediums for journaling so I don’t have to leave chunks of diaries and journals with my mom and at every apartment we left, since we travel and move a lot, but in the last two years, this has reversed again. I think the fact that I’m a mom now and we are trying not to move around so much to avoid too many disruptions in my daughter’s life and traveling isn’t as often either, although we do travel.. I’ve gone and got a book stand made for my rented apartment now and that dormant love for buying, owning by, sniffing and parading my books has returned with a gusto! Lol.. I know I’m hoarding and I’ve already lost/given away a few books to curious friends who browse my bookshelf and yet, I can’t control myself! I had to throw away a lot of my old diaries and now I miss them so much! I had all my paper letters and birthday cards and other cards kept in a box at my moms place too but she threw them all away in a Marie kondo like moment of decluttering her house, much to my horror and dismay! Lol

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          2. I totally understand that lack of impulse control and want to buy and display those lovely books and stare at them all day 😍😍😍
            My mom is so lovely she never tried to give away any books of mine since childhood despite moving many houses, but a termite infestation a few years ago turned quite a few of them to dust.. that upset us so much… but whatever was left is still there… maybe when we move back there, I can start my own library 😊😊😊
            Despite reading everything on kindle or iPad, I won’t deny the beauty of having a bookshelf or more at home… it just makes a home peaceful…

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