Favorite Books of the Decade

It’s the end of a decade and everyone is talking about what they have done over the past 10 years, their lessons learnt and achievements and so much else. I really don’t have much to say in those departments, so I thought I will talk about my favorite books of the past decade.

I have probably read most of these books in the past 3 years, but the list is made according to the year the books were published. I have tried to include only one book per series even when I have multiple favorites, but I couldn’t do the same for authors. And I tried very very hard to select only one book per year, but I just have too many favorites in some, so hope you’ll excuse me for that.

Enough of all my chatter… Let’s get started …!!!!!




I may not remember much about the Iron Fey series now, but I can never forget that I loved these books so much and used to eagerly wait for the next release. And I absolutely adore this new 10th anniversary cover of The Iron Daughter.



I may have read this book in 2019, but it’s pretty old and as someone who is usually more interested in new releases, I wouldn’t have read this book if it hadn’t sustained it’s popularity for so long. And The Song of Achilles deserves all the hype it gets. I ugly cried towards the end and I can never forget the experience.



I absolutely adore the Scarecrow series by Matthew Reilly, so choosing Scarecrow Returns as a favorite for this year was a given. Shane Schofield is always gonna be my favorite action hero from books and I really hope the author writes more books featuring him.



Whatever criticisms everyone has about Cassie Clare’s books, I can’t deny that she has created a great world and some extremely memorable characters. And Clockwork Princess has one of my favorite love triangles ever and I sobbed uncontrollably at the end, both the times I read this book. And I’m very very excited to revisit these characters again in Chain of Gold.



City of Stairs was my introduction to Robert Jackson Bennett’s writing and what an intro it was. This book and it’s world completely blew my mind and I haven’t looked back since. He can write anything and I know I will read it. I wanna read this book again because I have a feeling I might appreciate it even more, especially after learning so much during my past 2 years of blogging.



My favorite book of my all time favorite series, Queen of Shadows is my most read and talked about book in this list because I love it so much. It’s just perfection.


Sorry… I just have too many favorites for this year πŸ™‚

I could have included Six of Crows in 2015 too but Crooked Kingdom is my favorite of the two and I have lost count of how many times I’ve reread it. And it’s the same case with A Court of Mist and Fury which left me with an almost one month book hangover where I couldn’t read anything else. Born a Crime is my first ever audiobook and it will always remain a favorite because Trevor is brilliant at narration and his story is inspiring. And Radio Silence will always be very close to my heart because of how much it resonated with the present me, while also making me feel very nostalgic.


A Charm of Finches is one of the most beautiful and emotional books I have ever read in my life and I will forever cherish it. But it’s also an extremely difficult book to read and one I’m not sure I can ever revisit. Similarly with the true story depicted in Killers of the Flower Moon, it’s painful to read about the horrifying ways in which many of the Osage Nation people were killed and then denied justice but I think it’s very important to know this part of our history.


Foundryside is another all time favorite of mine by RJB and I can’t talk about it enough – another masterful magic system created by the author and I’m so excited to revisit it before jumping into the ARC of Shorefall. And the amazing A Spark of White Fire will always be special because of the author’s unique take on the Mahabharata and writing such an explosive story. Can’t wait for it’s fiery end in A War of Swallowed Stars.


red white and royal blue

I actually have a huge number of 5 star reads this year but if I’m gonna talk about the end of the decade, I can only mention Red, White and Royal Blue because it has had the most impact on me in 2019. I have already read it many times and will again and I can’t shut up about it.

Do you love any of these books? What are some of your favorite books of the decade? Do share all your thoughts with me in the comments below…

20 thoughts on “Favorite Books of the Decade

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  1. Most of your fave’s I read too and loved as well! ❀ We seem to have a similar taste in books. xD And I love the idea of making a fave list of the books of the last decade. I can't believe "The Song of Achilles" was already released in 2011 though! It's still so popular! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s awesome that we share so many in common 😊😊😊 Maybe you can make a similar list so that I can gush over it 😜😜
      And I didn’t know Song of Achilles was from way back in 2011 until I started the post.. I was pretty shocked too and can’t believe it’s sustained it’s popularity for so long …

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s awesome!!!! I see so few ppl talk about City of Stairs, so I’m glad to know you agree 😊😊😊
      Hope you’ll love RWRB as much as I did 😍😍

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhhh lovely list!! HOW did you manage to choose one or choose at all ? I’m so bad at that. Lovely choices! I’ve been wanting to read RWaRB since forever. Oh I’m surprised A House of Rage and Sorrow isn’t In your list!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The older years was easy to choose because I didn’t remember much about a lot of the books… so I just picked the ones I remember loving the most 😊😊
      And as I mentioned, I chose only one per series.. that’s why Spark made the list… I probably love Rage and Sorrow more but Spark is special because it was the first time I saw Mahabharata being imagined that way and it completely blew my mind 😍😍😍
      I can’t wait for you to read RWRB Ahana… I wanna gush with you about it so much… I adore that book with all my heart and I hope you will too ❀️❀️


  3. Wow, such a cool list. There are quite a few books here that are on my TBR, but I haven’t gotten to them yet. This post has definitely bumped them higher. Especially Red, White & Royal Blue. Gonna check that one out.

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