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Whether I believe in astrology or not, it’s a very prominent part of my life because I keep getting all the updates from my parents, so when I saw Diana @ Thoughts on Papyrus do this tag, I thought it would be a fun idea for me to do as well. The original creator of this tag is Peace, Love, Veggies. Make sure to checkout both their blogs for more amazing content.


Name a book you’ve read that was full of fire, desire, and passion


The romance between Tea and Kalen in The Heart Forger is a simmering slow burn full of desire and passion.


Name a book that was beautifully-written


You Bring the Distant Near may initially feel like every other YA contemporary full of complex family dynamics, but it is written beautifully and it captures the various familial relationships with a lot of care and sensitivity.


Name a book that you’ve read that featured twins


I had to think a lot for this answer and I couldn’t come up with any other than Fangirl. It’s a pretty popular read across the community but I thought it was okay.


Name a book you read that was a real tear-jerker

Color outside the lines

Not all of the stories in Color Outside the Lines made me emotional, but some of them were so beautiful that they made me sob and I had to put down the book for a while before proceeding again.


Name a book that you’ve read that features courageous characters

Both She Said and Catch And Kill are non fiction books about the Harvey Weinstein case, and they are full of courageous women who came out to tell their stories and brave journalists who withstood all kinds of pressure to bring these stories to light.


A book that is pure perfection

There Will Come a Darkness

I thought There Will Come a Darkness was a perfect YA fantasy. It has great worldbuilding, fast paced plot, excellent diverse ensemble cast and subtle commentary on real world issues – what more could I ever want in a book.


Name a book that you read that was neither good nor bad


Angel Mage is one of those books which has a lot of potential to be great but just falls short. It has many elements I enjoy like a diverse ensemble cast, a female villain, wonderfully descriptive magic system – but somehow these individual elements couldn’t make a very coherent whole and I found it to be an okay read overall.


Name a book you read that was dark or mysterious


Relic is a very well written debut, full of dark themes that made me squirm and the world building is pretty mysterious – only giving us enough information to understand the story but still be very curious to know what might happen next.


Name a book that you read that was full of adventure

Shadow of the fox

I read many books which had a quest/journey as the main trope, but the one book which I loved the most was Shadow of the Fox. The main characters’ journey is full of adventures and I had so much fun following them.


Name a book that you read that made you think

Why im not talking about race

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race is a very important and thoughtful read about systemic racism and discrimination, and how invisible BIPOC are in the mainstream history books.


Name a book that you’ve read that was quirky


I don’t think I’ve read a quirkier book than Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows – from its eccentric title to it’s delightful plot – it was a lot of fun to read while also dealing with many feminist themes.


Name a book that you read that was very imaginative


This is How You Lose the Time War is beautifully imaginative and unique and utterly charming. A book where you can easily get lost in.

If you have enjoyed reading this post, please consider yourself tagged. Just link back to me so that I can see all your fun answers…!!!

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