Would You Rather Book Tag

Another week.. Another tag… As always, no one has tagged me for this tag but when I saw it on Hamad @ The Book Prescription‘s blog, I found it so much fun and wanted to answer the questions for myself. And if you want more amazing bookish content, don’t forget to checkout their blog.

Read Only Female or Male Authors?


While I have some very favorite male authors (particularly Robert Jackson Bennett), you all already know that I love reading female authors more and I think I would continue to prefer that (the above chart from 2019 clearly shows how deep my preference goes). One obvious reason for that is that women tend to write more YA fantasy or romance novels, and they are my most favorite genres.

Shop at Barnes & Noble or Amazon?

Actually purchasing might be Amazon because I love looking for kindle sales, but I can’t deny that spending a few hours lazily browsing around in a B&N is the best way to pass time on a weekend.

All Books Becomes Movies or TV Shows?

TV shows.. duh. They give so much more opportunity to flesh out the characters as well as show the important scenes from the book, so I would love for all my favorite books to be made into TV shows.

Read Five Pages Per Day or Five Books Per Week?

Definitely five books per week. I already try for 3 these days, so 5 would only make me more happy.

Be a Professional Reviewer or Author?

I think prefer to be a reviewer because it will give me the opportunity to read more and more amazing books. And I don’t think I have it in me to be an author.

Only Read Your Top Twenty Favourite Books Over and Over or Always Read New Ones That You Haven’t Read Before?

Wow… this has to be my toughest choice. And I’m not sure I can make it. I want all the new releases in the world but I also want to reread my favorites over and over again.

Be a Librarian or Bookseller?

Hmmm…. Librarian maybe? I think I might do a good job helping others find the right books for them.

Only Read Your Favourite Genre or Every Genre except Your Favourite?

Obviously my favorite genre. I’ll just choose Fantasy and it’s so diverse that I’m sure I will not regret it.

Only Read Physical Books or E-Books?


This chart clearly depicts what my choice would be. It’s not just the 55% because the whole of 30% ARCs were also ebooks in my case, so that makes it almost 86% of ebooks read in 2019. I also tend to read faster and remember better when its an ebook, so I definitely want to continue with them.

Do you agree with my answers ? Do you think any of my choices are unpopular? What would you choose? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below…

19 thoughts on “Would You Rather Book Tag

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  1. Sahi’s the best in giving straight answers. While Ahana is the convoluted biology anatomy drawings we need to do for school.

    Loved your answers Sahi ♥️♥️♥️♥️ I’ve never actually B&N-ed anything 🤔 Would you recommend it ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha no.. I don’t agree.. your reviews are absolutely perfect and not convoluted at all 😊😊😊

      B&N is just the name of the biggest bookstore franchise here and because they have a cafe as well as lot of seating inside, I just love spending time browsing and relaxing there whenever I manage to go… I hope there’s something similar near your place too 👍👍👍


  2. While I think some books could work as a movie, I do agree that more books should be made into tv series. Really, they should just pay us, the readers, and we’d be able to TELL THEM.
    I’m the same with buying – very fine with sitting in front of my laptop and browsing Amazon but I’m always up for a good long stroll in a bookstore.
    I find I’m liking e-books more and more because it’s so easy to transport them? And you can read them in low lighting – and the FONT. My font’s usually up to big so I don’t have to squint (like with usual fantasy books).


    1. Haha yes… we readers would be great consultants for their shows..
      Good long stroll in a bookstore is just so peaceful.. makes me happy for the next many many days 😃😃😃

      Convenience is definitely one of the major reasons I love ebooks.. always have them on my phone and no need to carry them in a bag… I didn’t even think about the font until you mentioned it but I’m pretty sure even I use a bigger font than the standard one we find in physical books… ebooks have been such a lifesaver 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That and just stay a night in a bookstore 😂
        Oh yeah, my friends and I conferred and my font’s set the biggest of the four (of us).
        Right?! Especially when your bag is filled with other things or when you just want to whip out a book! I’ve been so lucky to have found ebooks.

        Liked by 1 person

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