Favorite Couples of 2019

It’s the week of Valentines Day and with many of us feeling all the lovey dovey vibes, I thought today was the best time to talk about all my favorite couples from my 2019 reads. As an avid romance reader and also someone who enjoys some love story in my fantasy novels, this is actually a huge list and I had to struggle quite a bit to get it down to just ten of my most beloved couples. Except the top two, all the remaining ones on the list are not in any particular order. Hope you enjoy reading this post and have a happy Valentines Day all my dear friends.

Also, if you consider talking about couples in fantasy novels to be a spoiler, then you might not want to proceed.


Alex and Henry

red white and royal blue

If you know anything about my reading from last year, then you realize this is the easiest choice to make for me. Alex and Henry from Red, White and Royal Blue are my most favorite couple from last year because they were adorable, hilarious, sweet and just so wholesome. This book is a delight and will remain one of my all time favorites.

Tea and Kalen

I had heard great things about the Bone Witch trilogy from my friends, so I knew I was gonna enjoy it. What I didn’t expect was to completely fall in love with Tea and Kalen and their absolutely intense, devoted romance. They made my heart swoon and weep when bad things happened, but ultimately left a very memorable impression on me.

Shane and Ilya


I am a huge fan of hockey romances, so it was inevitable that one such couple would make my list. But I totally didn’t expect it to be from Heated Rivalry because I wasn’t that enamored with the author’s debut novel. But this one about two superstar rival hockey players Shane and Ilya and the development of their relationship across almost a decade is sexy and fun, but also emotional and full of heart and I completely fell in love. And my love for them has only increased after multiple rereads.

Dani and Carmen

we set the dark on fire

Forbidden romances are always fun to read, and when they take place between kinda rivals with the backdrop of a revolution in the story, everything just feels too intense. And that’s exactly how I would describe my feelings for Dani and Carmen from We Set the Dark on Fire – intense and beautiful and someone whom I’m very much looking forward to meeting again when the sequel releases in two weeks.

Rhiannon and Sam

the right swipe

As a lover of romance novels but someone who doesn’t like alpha male heroes, The Right Swipe was a breath of fresh air with it’s fierce and brilliant businesswoman heroine Rhi and a swoon worthy cinnamon roll retired jock hero. Alisha did a brilliant job subverting the usual tropes we would associate with such characters and I thoroughly enjoyed this romance. And this book (and series as well) will be something I’ll reread many more times in the future.

Magnus and Alec

red scrolls of magic

I don’t think I even have to talk about why and how much I love Magnus and Alec. They’ve just been such an adorable couple across books and series for years now, and I even loved the way they were portrayed in the TV show, so I was already biased going into The Red Scrolls of Magic. But this story about the initial days of their romance was sweet and vulnerable and so heartwarming (despite all the dangers) and I fell in love with them all over again.

Ead and Sabran


The bodyguard romance trope is quite fun to read in contemporary romance novels but watching it play out as a sapphic romance in a highly intense epic fantasy with dragons was a joy to read. The relationship between Ead and Sabran in The Priory of the Orange Tree is a delicious slow burn and fiery in it’s intensity. I don’t know if the author has ever said she will write a sequel for this book, but I would love to revisit this couple again and get to know what they are doing in the future.

Elizabeth and Nathaniel


I was expecting just the usual enemies to lovers romance in Sorcery of Thorns but Elizabeth and Nathaniel are so much more than that. Their banter and prickly friendship and ultimate love story is delightful to read about and I was grinning so hard while watching it all play out.

Patrick and Curtis

One Giant Leap

I never thought I would fall in love with One Giant Leap so much. I just happened upon the audiobook during a sale and wanted to give it a try. The unique premise hooked me right away, but it was the two characters Patrick and Curtis who sealed the deal for me. The setting of the story makes this novel very dialogue heavy and I just loved the feeling of listening in on their conversations and watching them get to know each other so well and fall in love. Theirs is definitely the sweetest love story I read in 2019 and I want to protect them with all my heart.

Red and Blue


This is How You Lose the Time War is not the kind of book that I would usually like, but the writing in this one just blew me away. Even when I couldn’t always understand the true meaning behind the poetic prose, the love story between two spies Red and Blue on the opposite sides of a long ongoing war across the strands of time is stunningly beautiful and it just made me overwhelmingly emotional. This is not a book I can easily describe my feelings for except that please experience it for yourself.

Have you read any of these books? Did you fall in love with these couples as much as I did? What were some other wonderful swoony romances you read in 2019? Share all your thoughts and feelings in the comments below…

19 thoughts on “Favorite Couples of 2019

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  1. I swear I’ll be chanting MALEC at the top of my lungs for my entire life. I miss them so much hence I’m clinging to all the new books and the fanfics. I’ve been missing the show immensely so yesterday I just started playing it in the background while I work lol.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel the same way about Alex and Henry.. they’ll be my top favorite for a long while… but I completely agree that I won’t be forgetting Malec anytime soon either… I keep watching videos on YouTube from the show and have pictures that you sent on the phone 😜😜😜
      Can’t wait for September to come soon enough for the sequel 😬😬😬


    1. Aww Alex and Henry 🥰🥰
      And I can totally see everyone raving about Time War… if you can handle the poetic writing style, I’m sure you’ll love it too !!!


  2. AHHH SAHI YOU JUST MADE MY HEART BLOOM. *rolls around in this post and makes home in it* love love love this post! I can’t wait to catch up on all of the characters you love! Can I steal this post idea?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww I was actually waiting for you to read this post.. I knew you would enjoy it 😍😍😍
      And ofcourse you should do your own list !!! I would love to see who your favorites are 😃😃

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  3. UM EXCUSE the romance in The Priory of the Orange Tree is a bodyguard romance? Well I’m immediately bumping that one up my TBR. I really want to read We Set the Dark On Fire, too, and one of these days I’ll give Red, White & Royal Blue a try.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Priory’s romance is kinda a mix of bodyguard/ lady in waiting but it’s amazing… We Set the dark on Fire is pretty intense af too… And I just love RWRB too much 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

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