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Sandhya Menon is the first author whose street team I was selected to be a part of and I can’t tell how excited I was when I first received my email. Reading her books is a joy and they always make me smile, and I was delighted to be part of a group who all love her books. So, when one such book lover Rachael created the Of Curses and Kisses Book Tag @ Scorpio Book Dreams, I knew I had to do it too and what better time than just a few days before it’s release. My review is also coming up on Monday, so keep your eye on that as well.

Now, let’s not waste any time and just get started….


📚 Jaya – favourite fictional bookworm 📚

There are many fictional bookworms whom I love and I actually made a whole post about it here. But someone who is very fresh in my memory is one of the deadliest assassins in the world, Ethan Blade from the Death and the Devil series. He can kill a person in many many different ways but he also loves reading the same escapist thriller novels I do (Ethan and me share the same favorite thriller writer in Matthew Reilly :)) and I just love all his eccentricities.

🐻 Grey – favourite brooding character 🐻


Sebastian from Bringing Down the Duke is definitely a brooding character, who hates socializing or doing anything to impress others. He is also very privileged and arrogant but the author does a nice job with his character arc and development.

🏰St. Rosetta’s Academy -favourite fictional school🏰

Briar University in Elle Kennedy’s Off Campus series and Briar U series has a very special place in my heart because it’s one of the first places where I fell in love with hockey romances and have even started watching the game sometimes on TV now.

👭Jaya & Isha – favourite fictional siblings👭

The Bone Witch trilogy has many absolutely wonderful elements and characters but at it’s heart, its a beautiful story of the love between a brother and sister. Tea and Fox are total sibling goals.

💕🗡Romance & Revenge – a book that features both themes🗡💕

Nevernight trilogy is the perfect series which stands for both revenge and romance equally passionately and Mia is one protagonist whom I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

🌹Rose Pendant – a book featuring a touch of magic🌹


The Deep is a beautiful novella about legacy, generational trauma and the importance of memories, but what it truly is is magical.

👪Rao and Emerson Families – a book that deals with the pressure of family expectations👪


The male protagonist in Girl Gone Viral is Jasvinder and as a desi immigrant kid, his story is full of family expectations and his struggle at being unable to fulfil them. This was such a lovely romance novel and I can’t wait for it’s release so that everyone can experience the swoons.

🥰Leo, Rahul & Daphne Elizabeth – a book featuring a supportive friendship group🥰

red white and royal blue

You say supportive friend group and all I can think of is the Super Six from Red, White and Royal Blue. We would all be lucky to have friends like that.

💏Enemies to Lovers – favourite book featuring this trope💏


A story about two rivals on opposite sides of a never ending war through strands of time, This is How You Lose the Time War is the one of the most beautifully written love stories ever. You just have to experience it to understand what I can’t put into words.

❄️Caterina – A character that seems an Ice Queen/King but is actually a cinnamon roll❄️


Nathaniel in Sorcery of Thorns is a dark sorcerer and tries very hard to give off that Ice King vibe but underneath it all has a soft vulnerable side and is an absolute cinnamon roll.


I Tag:

Dany || Ahana || Krisha || Alicia || Marta || Any other Sandhya Menon fans out there….!!!!!


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