TTT: Ten Most Recent Impulsive Book Purchases

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As I am an avid reader, you would assume that I buy a lot of books, but there’s a reason I never do book haul posts. I’m not fond of physical books nor do I have space at home, so they are usually out of the question. I love reading ebooks, so I rely a lot on my library for digital copies and Netgalley (very rarely Edelweiss) for providing me exciting upcoming advance copies. But I can be an impulsive shopper, so it’s not a surprise that I bought a lot of ebooks in the past few months since Thanksgiving because there were quite a lot of them on sale. And most of them are books that you would never expect me to read. I’m hoping that my goal of reading outside of my comfort zone will enable to pick these up soon and not just let them languish on my kindle for years to come.

So, let’s get started and see what are all these surprise purchases I made….



I am very very intimidated by huge books and I have never felt the need to read them before. But my cousin (who is also the only other reader in my family) is a huge Sanderson fan and while he is not the kind to encourage me to read, I just always wanted to connect with him about books that he considers his all time favorites. So, when The Way of Kings (and the next two books of the series) showed up on sale, I just couldn’t resist. When will I ever get to this book? Who knows….


Another Sanderson on my list, I ended up buying Skyward because I want to read more sci-fi this year and I thought reading the author’s YA novel might make his writing more comfortable to me. I’ve also mostly heard only good things about the book, so that helps.


This is a debut novel about a magical war between ancient beings, mages and humanity and while that’s an interesting enough premise, what sealed the deal for me was that it was Justine @ I Should Read That‘s #1 favorite book of 2019 and that’s definite high praise. So, I’m quite excited to read this one.


I have absolutely no logical reason behind choosing to buy such a seemingly complicated sci-fi novel but I’m also trying to read more Hugo/Nebula winners or nominees this year and this book felt like it might be interesting.


The final book of Lightbringer series released in 2019, so there was a lot of discussion going around about it and I found myself feeling interested. And when I found The Black Prism audiobook on sale, I thought I’ll buy it for a future day when I might decide to pick it up.


Another epic fantasy debut, Legacy of Ash promises to be full of heroes and lots of action and I feel it might be fun to read.


I have heard about John Gwynne for ages now and always wanted to try out one of his books, so I thought it would be nice to start with one of his newest releases, A Time of Dread. And an epic fantasy with angels and demons can’t go wrong.


Trying to read atleast a few self-published novels is another goal of mine for the future, so Never Die which is an Asian inspired fantasy seemed like the perfect choice to buy and I have heard absolutely wonderful things about it.


Blood of Heirs is (I think) a grimdark fantasy and I’ve always tried to avoid the genre as much as I can, but I think it’s time I give one a try. And this book was also a SPFBO finalist, so I thought it would make a fine addition to my list of self published books I wanna read.


A memoir about the author’s experience of living in an abusive relationship told through horror tropes, In the Dream House seems extremely fascinating, and while I’m not sure when I will read this book, I just wanted to have it.


Have you already read any of these books? What did you think of them? Do you think I should add them to my immediate TBR? Please share all your thoughts in the comments below…

28 thoughts on “TTT: Ten Most Recent Impulsive Book Purchases

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  1. I have the entire Ninefox Gambit trilogy on my Kindle from a daily deal (it was like $10 for all three books). In fact, I have a lot of things on my kindle from daily deal impulse buys…oops…..

    I hope you enjoy Never Die, I liked it a lot!

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  2. Way of kings feels great to read…the whole sweeping story and it is infinitely better with the physical maps and gorgeous only gets better the further you go into the narrative

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  3. I just purchased Skyward this past weekend! I have the Way of Kings and started it last year. I haven’t been able to get back to it yet but I hope to soon. It’s so huge and so intimidating! I have the first three books and it’s my goal to get the FIRST one this year! haha.

    My TTT!

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      1. Haha, totally!! May the odds be in our favor! If you would want to wait until summer, we could buddy read it! My husband is studying for an exam every night, so I can’t schedule time to read but that’s over in May!

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        1. Ohh yes.. I have no intention of reading it soon either, so May or June actually sounds better… we should totally try and buddy read… I’m going to put it on my calendar 😊😊👍👍

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